The Face Shop: Cherry Blossom Rinse Review

And since on my previous post, I reviewed the Cherry Blossom Shampoo, meet its partner – The Face Shop’s Cherry Blossom Rinse!


The Face Shop describes this shampoo as:

Front:Cherry Blossom & Five Different gemstones for silky soft hair with infinite shine

Back: The conditioner, formulated with Argan oil and gemstones, moisturizes and repairs damaged hair. It gives delicate and long-lasting romantic cherry blossom fragrance on your hair..

Directions: After the shampoo, apply to wet hair and smooth through iron the cust of the tips. Rinse thoroughly with water.


The Cherry Blossom Rinse, similar to its shampoo, comes in a huge pink opaque pump bottle. It holds over 480ml of conditioner. It costed me P495 ($11.10) from their mall store. You’d probably get this lower by around 20-30% if brought straight from Korea.

And having this in your bathroom, along with its shampoo, surely takes up a lot of space.


Similar to shampoo, I used this for weeks. This smells the same as the shampoo, but slightly stronger. This can be used along, but be warned. This might be too oily/rich to be left alone.


Upon dispense, all thanks to the pump, you get only the amount you need. This, aside from the huge quantity in it, makes it seem last like forever. Good for those who doesn’t like to shop, since it will definitely save you some buy-time. The conditioner is very thick, it’s a little too thick than your normal conditioner. It’s very milky white, with a hint of pink.


On hair without shampoo, it makes your hair rather stiff and straight. Which I find ok since I like my hair to be straight. In effect, using this with the shampoo counterpart, makes your hair straight and a tad dry. Compared to the shampoo, I like this better.



Would I recommend this? If your hair is naturally straight and not that dry, then this is good for you. The conditioner seems like a fountain that never runs out of water, smells nice (although a little chemical-y). But I don’t think I would purchase this again since for me, my HG conditioner is still the best.


Oh, and if you ask me about the gemstones, I don’t seem to find any solid or shimmering thing in my shampoo nor conditioner. Nor exactly know if they are effective as hair care ingredients.



Sigh. Another so-so hair product from a Korean brand.



How about you? How do you feel about the Cherry Blossom series? Share your thoughts!



For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who wants to see it minus the analysis, check it out below.


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