The Face Shop: Cherry Blossom Shampoo Review

It’s been very dry and cold here lately. And it’s making my allergies way worse at night (itchy eyes!). I’ve also swatched a great product just over the weekend, but it’s not what I’m going to post now.


Part of my Korean product experience was to actually try out some of their shampoo.


Meet Korean shampoo number 3 – The Face Shop’s Cherry Blossom Shampoo!


The Face Shop describes this shampoo as:

Front:Cherry Blossom & Five Different gemstones for silky soft hair with infinite shine

Back: The Cherry Blossom scented shampoo provides a rich, foaming lather that helps cleanse and condition hair. It leaves hair soft and delicately long lasting fragrance.

Directions: Apply adequate amount of shampoo onto wet hair and lather well. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


The Cherry Blossom Shampoo comes in a huge pink opaque pump bottle. It holds over 480ml of shampoo. It costed me P495 ($11.10) from their mall store. You’d probably get this lower by around 20-30% if brought straight from Korea.


What I dislike about this packaging is it’s too huge! It takes too much space in the bathroom. Imagine having its conditioner as a pair. Oh space! But what it takes up as space returns as an amount of product in it. All thanks to the pump, you get to dispense only what you need. It’s not hard to dispense too. This lasted me for a few months (I used it alone and don’t shampoo my mid-length hair everyday with this).


Upon dispense, the shampoo is a milky-pink fluid. Nothing new there – it’s as viscous as your regular shampoo. And it is oh so fragrant! I’m not sure if this is how cherry blossoms should smell like, but it’s gentle and not irritating. But those who have sensitive noses might need to think twice since it does have a hint of chemical.


I’ve used this along with its conditioner counterpart for weeks straight. And tried to sometimes drop the conditioner or the shampoo and pair with something else. My observation was it made my hair dry. It’s already dry as it is, but it made it drier. And you definitely need a conditioner (best with its paired conditioner) to make it less dry. The scent lingers for a few minutes, but it becomes subtle (and hangs around for some time of the day).


Would I recommend this?  For dry, brittle hair, I suggest you look somewhere else. This might not be the ideal to go shampoo also on drier days. BUT! You can alleviate that by using its paired conditioner, or using a hair serum.


Sigh. I guess Western shampoo is a better match for me.



How about you? What are your thoughts? Share them below!




For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who want to see them minus the analysis, check it out below.


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