Tony Moly – Cat Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick in 01 Crazy Green, 02 Crazy Yellow, 03 Crazy Blue Review

Yes, you’ve read the title right. I did purchase all 3 colors of the Cat Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick. Why? I just LOVE color-changing tints, they drive me crazy!


So without further ado, meet my liptints.

L-R: 03 Crazy Blue, 02 Crazy Yellow, 01 Crazy Green

WARNING! This is a picture-heavy post. This contains over roughly 20 photos.

This is how Tony Moly describes this product:

  • This lip balm-type tint stick is an improved version of a liquid-type tint to add moisture to the lips.
  • Easy to apply, long lasting, not spread out

How to use: Use lip brush top to outline lips and apply stick to center of lips


I got my bunch from the mall store for P378 ($8.33) each with 3.5g a tube. The price is not that bad, but buying all 3 may not be such a good idea. You might get it cheaper straight from a friend or relative in S. Korea.




Packaging-wise, it’s cute! Housed in a lipstick-like tube, having the cover shaped like a cat winking (hence the name: Cat Wink) while having the lipstick holder colored like it’s lipstick. Bright and fun. Even the box is well design. Gotta give these Koreans a hand at packaging it.




As you can see, the lipstik/lipstain is crazily colored! Who would want to wear those kind of colors? Do note that these lipstains are scented. It’s not strong, though. And I actually find the scent very lovely. The green somewhat smells like apple; the yellow has this orange scent going on (I honestly don’t like it) and the blue has this melon scent. The green has the best scent among the 3, while the yellow having the worst. The blue is very subtle. The scent lingers for a while upon application but disappears eventually.


L-R: 03 Crazy Blue, 02 Crazy Yellow, 01 Crazy Green

Upon application, the color changes to:

  • 03 Crazy Blue – Pink Red
  • 02 Crazy Yellow – Orange Red
  • 01 Crazy Green – Vivid Red


The color builds up upon more application (especially the green stick!). For dark colored lips, you may skip the blue stick. Also, I find this somewhat drying so don’t forget to moisturize (all thanks also to this dry cold weather). It doesn’t settle to the lines much but it does stick around the flaky lips.


When you apply it, it has this glossy colored look. It also gives you this my-lips-but-better look which is great for those who don’t want to wear loud make-up like me! Since it’s buildable, it’s ok for those who want more color, as long as you pick the green. When the gloss disappears, you still have the stain on your lips. It stays on your lips around a few hrs (3-4hrs) before you retouch. Since this is a stain, it hangs on pretty well after you eat or drink. I say, liquid stains are still better at the wear time department.



Would I recommend this? For a wonderful packaging (from box to lipstick), the gimmicky changing colors, wonderful scent and the average wear time given the price, I say it’s a yes! Just don’t forget to moisturize! This is such as lovely product. Thank you Tony Moly!  For those new to Korean make-up, this is a perfect product for you to try.



Phew! It wasn’t a mistake picking up all 3 of them. 🙂



How about you? Would you want to try it out?



Aren’t they so cute bundled together?


I accidentally chipped my green stick. Boo. 😦 

For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But for those who want the ingredients less the analysis, check them out below:

01 Crazy Green:


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

02 Crazy Yellow:


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

03 Crazy Blue:


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Check it out in the Korean Website here.

4 thoughts on “Tony Moly – Cat Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick in 01 Crazy Green, 02 Crazy Yellow, 03 Crazy Blue Review

    • haru_kloh says:

      Hi Sharon! Thank you for dropping by. Depends on what country you are in. In the Philippines, you can get this in the malls. Best bet would be from online resellers of S. Korean products


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