Nagomi Japanese Restaurant: A Tribute Review

For the longest time I have been reviewing make-up and skin care. I’ve always wanted to show my foodie side.

And this will be the start.  Meet my favorite Japanese restaurant in the Metro – Nagomi Japanese Restaurant.

Ok, used to be. As of this writing, it is already closed I think since late last year. This is a tribute review.

I’m not entirely familiar on when they started operations. This restaurant is located right smack in one of the business districts in the Philippines – El Pueblo in Ortigas Center.


In terms of accessibility, it is tucked away in a relatively small plot of land, hidden among restaurants. It has a shared paid parking in El Pueblo (which is actually located below it). El Pueblo is located by one of the major roads in Ortigas, giving it easy access, but the restaurant itself is located at the heart of El Pueblo. What’s good about this is that you still be minutes away from your office (if you’re in Ortigas) and get to good food without needing to go to the mall.

Next is the ambiance.






The restaurant’s interior exhibits the minimalist lifestyle of the Japanese. It has spacious layout and the tables and chairs are neatly arranged. They also have those mat-like chairs complete with sliding paper doors – which I never had a chance to try. They would play a soft, mellow Japanese music to match its classy interior. They also have the sushi bar wherein I also hadn’t got the chance to try. Boo. 😦

The restaurant is amply filled by higher-ups in nearby offices (mostly foreigners) and you would sometimes see Japanese coming in as well. In all of the times I ate here, I would see Japanese people come in.

What’s nice about this restaurant is that sometimes the owner would even open the door for you as you enter, get your orders.


The menu.



They have those huge menus provided to you. They have an extensive menu, typical of those Japanese restaurants near Makati Cinema Square. They have soup, an extensive sashimi/sushi list, noodles (cold, hot), grilled items, rice toppings, salads and many more. They also have a nice list of drinks for their happy diners. They also offer lunch menus! This is only available on lunch of weekdays. Price is at least P300+ per head. But it’s all good.


Now, the food.

The table is nicely set with condiments. Look how cute the containers are!


After you order, they would give you this complimentary appetizer (shown below) with a rolled wet towel served on a wooden slim plate-like container. I find this very welcoming.


When I would visit the store, I would normally order the lunch menu set. They would come in an appetizer, soup, main dish, choice of drink (Cold or hot green tea) and choice of dessert (Green Tea Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream or coffee and milk jelly).

???????????????????????????????My hot green tea!


When my friend and I went to the store, we ordered 2 lunch menus and a california maki (just because not everybody likes raw food). And they have the largest and most worth it california maki I’ve ever seen! Platting-wise, it’s neatly arranged.



Now for the lunch menus!


Among all of the lunch menus, the one pictured above is my favorite. Aside from the normal drinks, dessert, soup and appetizer all lunch menus carry, this set has the tempura and sashimi. I love how their sashimi tastes. It tastes as it should.


This is my first time to order the lunch set above. This one has the tempura and sushi but instead of the normal appetizer, it came in with this steamed milky-white appetizer which my taste buds didn’t like. It’s not that it’s poorly made. In fact, you could see it’s nicely done. It’s just that the taste – it’s WEIRD. 


Now for the dessert! We got the green tea and vanilla ice cream. Green tea ice cream isn’t good for the sweet tooth out there, but works well with those who doesn’t like it too sweet. Among their desserts, this is the best seller. As for the vanilla ice cream, I LOVE IT. I don’t eat vanilla ice-cream, except theirs! It has a hint of mocha in it that’s why.


Sadly, I don’t have have a picture of the coffee and milk jelly with me right now. But it’s literally 2 small gelatin lumps – one is coffee and the other’s milk. Isn’t it cute!


Would I recommend this restaurant? Heck yes! I LOVE THIS PLACE. This is like a secret garden for me in the middle of the busy business district. Whenever I get a chance to drop by this area, I would eat here. I feel at peace when I’m here. It’s very mellow and relaxing, the food is well-worth it with ample serving size. When you order the lunch menu, you would live the place feeling full and satisfied, but not the bloated kind. This is one of the few restaurants that you can actually eat alone and have your head clear for writing or thinking.


Too bad Nagomi Japanese Restaurant is closed (as of this writing). 😦 Sigh!



Now I have to find another hideout. Thank you for the memories!





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