Shu Uemura: 6 Heart Princess Lip and Cheek Fun-tasy Tint in Princess Coral and Heroine Rose Review

Pink or Black? Henshin my style! The catchy advertisment of Shu Uemura’s 6 ❤ (Heart) Princess line for last holiday is stuck in my head. I simply adore how they teamed up with Takashi Murakami to come up with a line.  Now, if you’re not aware of the song, here it is:


This video was sung by none other than Miku Hatsune! It is also sung in English (with Japanese accent).


And because of this, I hauled 2 lip and cheek colors from the line.???????????????????????????????

Pink or Black? Which do you like? The magic reveals your another self!

Shu Uemura describes this as:
For lips and cheeks, shu uemura presents a new innovative silky matte texture color tint, endowed with the feeling of moisture, in five festive colors, from cute and adorable pink to chic coquettish red


Princess Coral


Heroine Rose

I bought this from their mall store for P1,250 ($27.59) per tube. Yes, you’ve read it right. It costs a lot! But since Shu Uemura is a high-end make-up line in Japan, I could spare some. Each tube has a 15g worth of tint. I had to get this. I didn’t want to miss this like what happened for the Holiday 2011 collaboration with Aya Takano. Up to now, I’m still dreaming of that tint.

The 6 Heart Princess Lip and Cheek Fun-tasy Tint comes in 5 shades:

  • Dream Pink
  • Fushia Fun-tasy
  • Heroine Rose
  • Princess Coral
  • Magical Red

Why did I choose Coral and Rose above all else? I love coral, I really do. It gives me a bright fresh flush and compliments well with my skin tone. As for rose, it was a gamble. I didn’t have any make up with that shade, let alone a tint.

???????????????????????????????Princess Coral

???????????????????????????????Heroine Rose

The tint is housed in a squeeze tube with a sphere end. It’s nothing amazing, really. At times, I even prick myself with its pointy end. How was I able to distinguish the colors apart from the tube packaging? The heart symbol on the tube shows it all! It differs per tube, pretty neat huh?

???????????????????????????????L-R: Princess Coral, Heroine Rose

The tint comes in a silky and matte blob. The coral initially comes of as a bright tangerine while the rose comes like a flat violet. Those who are sensitive with scents will love this. It’s scentless!

???????????????????????????????L-R: Princess Coral, Heroine Rose

Whoops. I think I dispensed way too much for my swatch. As you can see, a little goes a long way. It comes off strong when you dispensed a lot. A small lumpy dot can cover a cheek well. When blended, it is very silky n the skin and gives a matte finish. I absolutely find this heavenly on my dry cheeks. It doesn’t emphasize pores, and gives you this fresh look.

For the coral, this is perfect for the summer season since it compliments well to your tan skin when you’re on the beach. It gives you this young fresh look, like the old Tangerine line of Etude House – fun, cute and playful.

For the rose, it came out well than I expected. It gives me this sophisticated and no-nonsense look. But if dabbed lightly, it gives you a natural flush on the cheeks.

On lips, you might need more tint to get more color especially if your lips are dark colored. It settles on lines a little bit so a little moisture won’t hurt. It also has the matte feel on the lips which I love! For me, rose is better on lips than coral. Though this doesn’t mean that coral is no good.


Wear time: When settled properly on cheeks, it lasts around 3-4 hrs before you need to add a dot on a little humid. This is assuming you settled it well (I put Benefit’s Hello Flawless on it). But you still have this natural glow on you, and since rose is more strong in color than coral, it may look like rose lasts longer. Lastly, it didn’t break me out!


Would I recommend this? With the nice packaging, superb quality of the product? What is not to love? Shoving the price aside, that is.



So better get it now before supplies runs out! Do note it’s the limited edition of Shu Uemura for the 2013 Holiday.




Pink or black? Henshin my style! You can become anything. It’s magic! *sings while putting the tint on*




For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But if you want to view the ingredients minus the analysis, check them out below.

Princess Coral:



Heroine Rose




For more information on the Holiday 2013 of Shu Uemura, click here! As of this writing, the site still holds information to the Holiday 2013.

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