Smashbox: Try It Kit BB + Halo in Light/Medium

I was browsing over at some of favorite bloggers in the make-up world when I came across the fact that Smashbox released a kit composed of its good travel sized make-ups last Holiday 2013. I was so excited!

This led me to coming over to the Beauty Bar. And look at my catch!


Smashbox’s Try It Kit Halo + BB in Light/Medium!

Note: This is not a review post for the items inside, but more for the kit.

Smashbox describes it as:

Our best-selling essentuals for complexion perfection!


  • Travel-Size BB Cream: The 5-in-1 game-changer that primes, perfects, protects, hydrates and controls oil
  • Travel-Size Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder: A revolutionary perfecting powder that dramatically minimizes the signs of aging
  • Deluxe Sample Photo Finish Foundation Primer: Makeup always looks better with our legendary, award-winning primer
  • Baby buki brush

For everyday flawless coverage, use Halo or BB alone. For that extra bit of polish, first apply BB then finish with Halo.

Since this kit was released late last year, stocks are limited in the stores. I got this for P1,650 ($36.42). This is very expensive as opposed to the website. I think this should only be $29.

The kit comes in 4 shades:

  • Fair
  • Light
  • Light/Medium
  • Dark


The ones that are available among the 3 Beauty Bar stores I went are Fair, Light and Light/Medium. I picked the Light/Medium since this fits me more than Light. And it was the last in stock.


When you open the flap of the face of the box, it shows product descriptions of the items within the kit.


Another bunch of information from the back of the box:


For the items inside the box:


Is this kit worth it? Maybe. It’s my first time to purchase (and try, later on) anything with Smashbox. And I’m very much excited when I learned about this kit and trying it on. Boo to the store for adding $7 on the price! Given this, I find this kit worth it. I don’t really get to finish full sized make-up, so travel sizes are good for me. And they are ample enough for reviews (they’re not those sachet testers!). But if you’re a Smashbox fan and know what you wan, and can finish full sizes, this is not good for you. But if you want to try new items minus buying full sizes and the cost, this is brilliant.


And since this is limited edition, better grab yours before they disapper!



For the ingredients of the components within the kit, check it out below. I will post product reviews in the future (with ingredients analysis).




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