Missha: Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30 PA++ in No. 21 Light Beige Review

This is a long overdue post. I had this photo in my ready-to-post but I just can’t seem to gather thoughts to put it into writing.

One of the fantastic products I picked up from Missha is this: Signature Extreme Cover Concealer in No. 21 Light Beige. IMG_0054

It’s nice and sparkly and comes with a brush!

Missha describes this product as:

Get excellent coverage for a flawless complexion. This cream type concealer makes skin look clean and even for a long-lasting wear.
The Brightening Focusing Effect helps brighten and liven up dull skin. The Super Cover System, which is the amino acid coating pigment, is what gives such great coverage. Collagen is included to keep skin hydrated as well as restore firmness and elasticity.


Since I got this from the mall store, it costed me P1,100 ($24.28) for a 10g concealer. It’s rather expensive as opposed to other Korean make-up. But knowing the mall store, you could probably get this 50-60% cheaper from a friend or relative in S. Korea. This concealer comes in 2 shades: No. 21 Light Beige (which I have) and No. 23 (Natural beige). I think I’m a natural beige, but the light one works well also since there isn’t much of a difference among the 2. Sadly, darker and more tan skinned people might not find the colors accommodating to them.

IMG_0064The concealer is rather neatly packaged in a glass jar with a screw on cap. This is such a cute make-up on your drawer but rather bulky to be brought along. It also comes with this white cover in between the cap and the pot. Those who are particular with dipping their fingers onto make-up will be irked with this packaging. Do not fret since it comes with a..

IMG_0057Nice gold small concealer brush! What I like about this brush is that it has its own cover. Very clever of Missha to have it with a tool and a cover of its on.


Let’s start with the brush:

IMG_0059You might think that the brush is useless since it came with the make-up. Actually, it’s quite nice. It’s flat and does well in applying concealer under your eyes. It’s not that pointy and painful too!

IMG_0038As for the concealer, it’s thick and very creamy. This is great for me since my dark circles are the worst – I’m Miss Panda Eyes!

IMG_0041My weird face has dry skin under the eyes and on the lids. What I love about this is it’s hydrating. Oily skinned people on the lids and under the eyes might need to steer clear from this.

IMG_0049And it blends well too! This concealer perks me up like I had a good night’s rest. It’s rather easy to blend and when settled nicely, it would last you almost the entire day. This is coming also off from the humidity in my country. Imagine that! And this is goes to say without drying you out.

On acne spots, it does fairly well in blending them out but it’s really meant more for your dark circles.


Would I recommend this? YES! This is a fantastic product from Missha. Shoving the price aside (and assuming you got this from a reseller), it wears long and strong, pigmented,  scentless and comes with a nice little brush. It gives me this “Yes, I had a good sleep last night” look even when you actually had an hour. Two downfalls for this product are its limited compatibility to skin color and for people with oily lids and skin under the eyes.


And it’s such a great product that it’s an HG concealer for me. Maybe next time I’d pick the lighter on.



How about you? Want to try it out?




For those interested with the ingredients, click here! But if you’d rather view it minus the analysis, check it out below.




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