Flash Post: Choclery, Yummy Artisan Chocolate Review

Super quick post. I’m bored waiting for my college buds so I decided to hang around The Podium. And I stumbled upon this:


Choclery! And they had yummy artisan chocolates. The lady said they’re relatively new so of course I’d support them! I bought Almond Cointreau Praline and 60% Dark Truffle. So sorry! I was a little famished so I ate it before I took a photo. Here’s the picture, grabbing from their website: Choclery



Their size are your normal bite size. And they tasted heavenly! Especially the truffle. It was dark and every bite made me want to eat more. The truffle melts in your mouth. As for the Almond Cointreau Praline, it was unique since it had a dash of liquor and tasted citrus-y.

So if you happen to drop by The Podium, they’re located at the 3rd flr by the escalator. They’ll be here up until next week (as of this writing), and the following days would be selected.


They don’t have a physical store yet, as least that’s what the lady told me. So you can check them out at www.choclery.com


Yes, they’re open to orders (and they’re for pick-up). Just contact them at +639175366024 and choclery@gmail.com (as seen above)

Yummy! I want more!

Drop a message here ~~~

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