Skinfood: Fruits Brunch Lip Box – #3 Cafe Cinnamon Review

I love Cinnamon. And Coffee. And nude to brown colored lippies. So should Fruits Brunch Lip Box in #3 Cafe Cinnamon be lovely as swell given that it combines all 3 into 1? Would it have a coffee and cinnamon scent? Would it?


I have previously reviewed the #2 Tomato from the same line, so now I finally had the chance to review the  #3 Cafe Cinnamon!


Another item from my make-up box storage.

Skinfood describes this product as:

A lip box that contains soft, moist lipstick and glossy pearl lip gloss to leave your lips moisturized and shiny. 

This line has 4 products, which I had bought and tried 3. The first one was the #2 Tomato, the second one is this, #3 Cafe Cinnamon.


I actually bought this from a sale off the mall store, P397.5 ($8.84) which is already at 50% off. I guess this could have been the original price of this product, given that the mall stores put on a hefty mark-up on it. Apart from my stash, I actually bought 2 more which I gave out as gifts.


Housed in a rectangular tin can box with mirror, this comes in with a small lip brush and 3 colors (2 lipsticks and 1 gloss, which is the right-most section). Packaging-wise this is very attractive – old school, cute and pocket-friendly. So attractive I’m attached to it. You can actually reuse this box when you’re out of lip color. However, the color is not refillable.

???????????????????????????????You’d probably wondering why the heck would I buy brown color. I love the nude, no make-up look and this is the perfect for that case! As with the Tomato Line, it is scentless and holds shimmer, even with the lipstick. Sorry Cinnamon and Coffee fans, this is a sad fact of this item. I felt sad too. For those who dislike scents, this is a plus for you. The gloss, aside from having shimmer, is also very shiny, giving a very dewy look on the lips.

???????????????????????????????As for the tiny brush, I find it rather useless but it’s better than using your fingers especially if you’re those who dislike dipping their hands into the product. It takes A LOT of dipping and strokes to cover your lips with this tiny brush.


Here’s the lipstick swatched at the back of my hand using the lip brush. The color is very neutral, so light and neutral that it took me quite a lot of strokes to get that swatched color. It’s pretty good for those who wants a my-lips-but-better look. It adds quite a shimmer and some omph! on your lips. It goes well with the nude and dewy look. Darker colored lips may wash out the color since it’s so light but the gloss is the real winner here.


Wear-time is rather bad since it’s just 2-3 hours before your retouch, and that’s not doing anything! At hour 1, the gloss starts to fade away. And since the color is very light, you’d be thinking, “should I retouch? I barely see any color on my lips!”. I don’t find this drying, though which is a good sign. But by itself, this isn’t  a good moisturizer.



Would I recommend this? I’m such a great fan of coral to light brown lippies, however, this isn’t part of my book. This is good as a introductory lippy for those who are starting out with make-up without wanting too much attention, no scent nor taste, and ok with short wear time (like if you’ll just go out to buy something to the store). This is also good for younger girls, even if the color is nude. If you’re on a full make-up face, this would definitely wash you out, as if you’re missing something but good on light days. Given the price (at 50% off!) with 3 colors and a reusable packaging, it’s something not bad to try. After all, you get to keep and reuse the brilliant packaging.



With this, I say the #2 Tomato from the same line is still WAY better. But this is not bad as a gift or a stocking filler for gift-giving occasions.



I wonder how #4 Peach would score? I guess this Brunch Lip Box will go up for adoption.




How about you? What do you think? Share your thoughts below!




For those interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide it to you since it’s in Korean.


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