The Face Shop: Face it 4D Perfection Concealer Kit SPF30 in NB23 Review

Hi Everyone! I’ve been absent yet again into blogging. Work life had been really trecherous that it’s taking  toll on my health and on my family life. There are just too damn many soulless being here and all they care about is themselves. Sad reality of the work force. I never knew negativity of some people are like a disease – it gets on to you. I really need a break. And I’ve been gaining a LOT of weight too just because of it! Noooo! ~

Enough of these depressing matters, on with the review!


The Face Shop in my country NEVER (at least, to the 5-7 stores I visited) had the product I’m about to review sold. So I got it from my online reseller when she had a sale.


It’s The Face Shop’s Face it 4D Perfection Concealer Kit SPF30 in NB23!

The Face Shop describes this product as:

A dual(Concealer & Highlighter) kit that offers a perfect and flawless look

  • Face It 4D Perfection Concealer SPF30 [UV Protection] – Before or after foundation & BB cream step, use the brush tip or fingers to tap on parts that require some cover-up. Then, gently rub edges for a natural appearance.
  • Face It 4D Perfection highlighter – After foundation or BB cream step, use a brush tip or fingers to spread naturally on the T-zone of the nose and forehead. C-line around the eyes and the heart line around the chin for highlighting effects and more clearly defined facial contour. May be used as an eye shadow base color on the eyebrow area.

???????????????????????????????Yes, you’ve read it right. There is a highlighter and concealer on this little item! And just look how shiny and purple the packaging is.


I got this P325 ($7.26) for a 4.3 g of concealer and 2.7 g of highlighter from the reseller, so roughly, the item would cost around that much. She had an online sale, and I just had to grab this. I hounded the mall stores for this, but apparently they carried a lot from the FACE it line, except this one. Boo. The packaging is really unique and pretty – this is what had attracted me to get this in the first place. I’ll show you more below.

???????????????????????????????Facing the item, you’d notice that there is this 2 little things sticking out on the right. These things are the one you push upward to turn/open the make-up. It’s actually demonstrated at the back of the box. So at the first one, the this soft brush is housed.

???????????????????????????????This soft brush is really, really small. I actually find this useless since my regular concealer brush or my fingers do a better task at applying the concealer and highlighter. But it’s still good if you have a really small brush, you can use this free sponge container for your brush. One disadvantage I noticed with the packaging for this applicator is that it normally swings open even when it’s just placed upside down in my make-up kit.

???????????????????????????????Upon turning the second thing sticking out, you’d see highlighter.

???????????????????????????????And turning that second thing sticking out on full, the concealer is exposed. Pretty neat, huh? Both concealer and highlighter have no scent! This s great for those with sensitive noses.

???????????????????????????????The highlighter is has this powdery-pink with shimmer whereas your concealer is just your regular creamy concealer. Both items are very creamy.

???????????????????????????????Upon blending, the highlighter is very light. It gives your face this certain unexplained glow and perfect for photos. As for the concealer, it does a great job at concealing my panda eyes – gives me this awake and attentive look (even if I’m not really attentive. Hehehe). It lasts for about 4 hours before you need to retouch yourself. But if your trouble spot does not need that much back-up, then you should be fine. One thing I noticed though is that since both formulas are very creamy, they do crease. So you need a great deal of setting it down.


Will I repurchase? I’m not quite sure. It’s not readily available, needs a lot of setting the concealer down. I’m the type who does make-up on traffic lights or if I’m just stuck in going to bad Manila morning traffic, so less work for me is better. But with the price to boot and the brilliant packaging, what’s there not to love to try? And it did not break me out, too. 🙂


Oh, did I mention that the middle shiny thing is actually a mirror? This is another brilliant packaging made by The Face Shop.



For those who are interested with the ingredients, click here. But for those who would want to see it minus the analysis, check it out below.




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