Haru’s Thoughts: March – April 2014

It’s been hell for the last 2 months. Being busy is no longer a reason, nor was I rather lazy.


And I had so much post in line too! Le sigh! It’s this toxic environment here in the office. I’m really disliking it.


Hey, you. Yeah you. I have a life outside here you know. Stop eating up my time!


On other aspects, I am also behind on my fics, stories, drawings, savings. Even on my personal written journal!  The f with you for having double-standards on aspects on life and can’t accept one’s mistakes.


And heck, I haven’t even played much of my online games. Yeah, I’m THAT pissed off already.


Ok. Enough ranting… I am at a lost of words how to describe my despise to some people already.


The world doesn’t revolve around you.

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