Visual Kei Band: Uchusentai: NOIZ

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted. A whole lot of while. I’d probably let you in some details I have been doing. But for now, I shall talk about something I should have posted MONTHS back – Uchusentai: NOIZ!


Last May 1, I attended an Anime event, paid a huge amount of money as entrance (it was expensive as compared to other anime events), for my 2 siblings and I, even treated them coffee and dinner, just to see Uchusentai: NOIZ. I am a fan.

 10584299_10204101600007794_1508389661_nCredits to owner of the picture. 

Who is are they anyway? Read more to find out!

Uchusentai: NOIZ are space warriors from outer space to bring peace to planet Earth through the power of music. Yeah, you read that right.


Uchusentai: NOIZ (translated as: Space Warrior: Noiz) is a visual kei band from Japan. Know for the very energetic live shows, and elaborate (and quirky) cosplay-outfits, they also play darn well (full of energy music!). The band is composed of 5 members:

  • MASATO (HYPER SONIC GUITAR) — guitar, vocals
  • 叫(Kyo) (SUPER VIBRATOR) — bass
  • 呼太郎(Kotaro) (NEO ECCENTRIC GUITAR) — guitar


In their concert last May 1, they played more than 10 songs – they covered songs from OPM (such as Narda, Pinoy Ako, Liwanag sa Dilim and Super Hero). They even sang one of their songs in Tagalog! And of course, my favorite: Parallel Mind!

Their “lift off” prior any start of the performance.


Everyone in the hall had a wonderful time listening to them. They even played an encore.



What hooked me with Uchusentai: NOIZ is really their music video of Parallel Mind. Just because it’s soooo funny.

Anddddddd their other antics as well



Some grocery in North America.

Greetings to Animazement 2013 in Canada.



You gotta love them. My favorite band member is Yamato! 😀


After the live performance, I got myself their Parallel Mind Album (Earth Edition!)


I’m soo bitter that I didn’t get their Corona album. 😦 Boo.




Oh, oh, and last weekend, they released here in my country an album! It’s their first album they officially released in the Philippines. And of course, I got one myself. It’s the Legend of Rock ‘n’ Roll Heroes.



There are over 7 songs in the album:

  • Kanata (I think this is sung in English)
  • Happy Tied (sung in Tagalog)
  • The Paradox in Ideology
  • Cloud9
  • Boom Boom Honey Blossom
  • Minority Blue Sky
  • Back Bone


I loved this album! This can be bought in selected Astroplus Outlets.


Hope you’d like them as much I did. 🙂


For more information, you can check them out at:

Drop a message here ~~~

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