Too Cool For School: Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #2 Hawaiian Flower Review

It’s been so long since I last posted! It’s like as if the world is against me posting –  at least my working life. It’s voiding me of a lot of things, even my family life! So annoying.


Bad vibes aside, it’s a Monday! Not a way for me start the week. So let’s go with a very cute product to clear away the Monday blues.


Meet Too Cool For School’s Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #2 Hawaiian Flower!



Too Cool for School didn’t have any description on this, dive now to the review! I got my lipsticker from its mall store, in SM Mall of Asia, for P435 ($9.70). It’s a bit pricey, against its profile. Should you have relatives in S. Korea, then you’re better off purchasing it from them.


The size of the lip tint is fairly small from standard. Given the price here and the size, it might not be good for those who are lipstick addicts. For people like me, this is beneficial since I don’t really finish my lip products since I have tons!


The color on the tube might be so bold, but it’s rather subtle on the lips. Color pay-off is good, not the bold at first swipe but it builds up as you apply more (max roughly is 3-4). If you made a mistake, it’s a bit tough to remove, but it disappears after a while, around 4 hours. Re-applying is fun though since it’s so small and it’s easy to carry around. Also, it has shimmer! I love shimmer.


One thing I also noticed on this is when I apply balm first then the lip color, the color stick around shorter. But if the color came in first, then it sticks longer.


Was this drying? A little, so those with really dry lips should think twice.



Will I recommend this? For a small cute product with decent color payoff and shimmer, why not? But for those who are looking for a hardcore weartime and easy to buy (since Too Cool For School’s stores are very, very limited as of this writing), you may need to look elsewhere.


Overall, this is a nice product to try from this relatively new Korean brand. 🙂



Any thoughts? Have you tried this or want to try this?



For those who are looking for the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t provide you any since majority of the items written on the box is Korean.





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