New Restaurant! Samgyupsal King Review

Good evening guys! All thanks to the long weekend, it had given me a chance to post.



I spent this weekend with my family. Today, we went to this new restaurant, as suggested and to fulfill the promise we’d eat out in this Korean resto found few days ago. 1 out of nth number of promises fulfilled. Lol.




We ate at Samgyupsal King along Dolores, McArthur Highway, City of San Fernando Pampanga. This is their first restaurant! Plus, it’s packaged with a mini mart at the side.


Jump to know more about this store!



Samgyupsal King is a Korean restaurant that offers Samgyupsal, as the name suggest. Samgyupsal, according to Wikipedia, is a popular Korean dish that is commonly served as an evening meal. It consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat. The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. Usually diners grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. It is most commonly dipped in sesame seed oil mixed with salt and pepper.


Samgyupsal King is their first restaurant. They opened September 11, 2014, makes them a shy away from being 1 month old (as of this writing). So far, I’ve heard good feedback from relatives. And that is something. They are open from 11AM until 10 PM (last order at 9PM), Tuesdays until Sundays. They are closed on Mondays. If you want to contact them: (o45) 435-4534. You may also check them out at their facebook site or, follow them on twitter: @samgyupsalking.

 10669192_1482213835364925_780336310025476926_oTaken from their Facebook Account


Ambiance: It;s very minimalist with a few posters hung to inform diners not familiar with the Korean way of eating their food, plus some promos. Dining is very spacious and clean. It’s not that hot in the restaurant considering you will grill on your table.



 On the left: Order all 3 Samgyupsal variants, you’ll get it at the discounted value

On the right: Some information on the kimchi and the greens that can be served to you ( what was served to us: Lettuce, Sesame Leaf and Napa Cabbage) 


Ways to enjoy Kin’s SAMGYUPSAL!


Spacious restaurant. Don’t be deceived by the outside looks!


The grill. Up close. See there’s this aluminum container at the end to hold the oil from the grilled meat.

Also, there is a wall that has posts and pictures from diners. So neat!


 I was only able to capture 2/3 since the other 1/3 is at my back.


Aside from Samgyupsal, they do offer other menus. But it’s not as extensive as other Korean restaurants. Give them a break! They just opened.


It’s ok with having a small menu at first, easy to maintain and you’d get to focus on your main product – Samgyupsal!


What we ordered:

  • 2 orders of Samgyupsal Sweet Soy Sauce [P250 per order]


  • 3 orders of steamed white rice (served in the normal Korean aluminum cups with lids) [P40 per order]
  • 2 iced teas and 1 can of Sprite [P50 each for the iced tea, P50 for the Sprite in Can]



The good side:

Like majority of Korean restaurants, their appetizers and the greens can be refilled at unlimited quantities. Why say majority? I can actually name one that only refills them once.


20141005_111624Meet the appetizers


The greens for the wrap. No space in front of me to place them at first. So had to utilize K Zoom’s features.

Aside from the appetizer, your shall be served with the Korean version of Miso Soup and Steamed Egg (with chili red powder on top).

 20141005_111748The yummy soup! Spicy but not too much to hurt your tongue.


 Steamed Egg. We weren’t able to eat this since not a fan of steamed eggs. 

As for the Samgyupsal – it takes good!!!! It’s better eaten with the greens served. Now, I’m just wondering how tasty the Samgyupsal marinated in Korean Chili Sauce would be. Oh, and I bet this is good to be paired with a nice cold Soju.



The normal side:

The Samgyupsal is not unlimited, but served in normal quantities. There is a restaurant that served unlimited quantities of Samgyupsal nearby. But I don’t mind, since this is the norm (served by order) in Manila, so no worries.



The needs-improvement side:

Like most Korean restaurants, they don’t have a kids menu. When we came, there were only 3-4 sets of customers, which some had children with. What they can offer would be d rice with the thoroughly cooked Samgyupsal (marinated in Sweet Soy Sauce).  Steamed egg can be eaten, but who wants to eat that?!?!


To add, they don’t offer Take Outs, as of this writing. Too bad, my family is quite big with take-outs. Maybe in the future?




Would I recommend this? For the convenience (since it’s rather near my relative’s place), being a Korean restaurant near also Starbucks with decent parking space, why not? I see myself coming back for more! I am craving for some Samgyupsal right now with a bottle of nice cold Soju. But I sure do hope they would have a kids menu, and takeouts to be able to cater to more customers. However, there’s more fat than lean meat. Hahaha, that’s the whole idea of Samgyupsal!



I also heard that the owner of this restaurant is also the owner of Mr. Park’s Bread Cafe (which happens to be right across the street!).




Your thoughts? Would you see yourself eating here when you drop by San Fernando, Pampanga?




Apologies from my really bad angles. I had to do it quick. Also, I get to use my Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for the first time for the blog photos (at least some of them). I had it under automatic, minus the flash. For some photos, I still used my iPhone 5, since it responds faster when you press the Camera app. Well, it doesn’t have the camera lens to zoom out too, anyway. But for the zooming (which is also good for cropping!), K Zoom is very good!

6 thoughts on “New Restaurant! Samgyupsal King Review

  1. Are you from Pampanga? I noticed very few bloggers here and by this blog post of yours, I am thinking that you are. I actually hope to meet some Pampanga bloggers but didn’t know of any.


    1. Hi Theresa! Thanks for dropping by. I’m not really from Pampanga. I just happened to be around during that time. 🙂 But hope to meet some bloggers too in the future. 😀


    1. Hi Dennis! Thank you for dropping by! It’s nice to know that you enjoyed your visit in the Philippines and loved Samgyupsal King. I ate their again 2 weeks ago, and still loving their food!


  2. Thanks to this! Did you just say I want to eat there!? Yes I do! Your reviews made me want to have lunch there tomorrow! Does the 800 good for five persons? Please response. Thanks again! Godbless:-* :-*


    1. Hi Jhen! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Ah! Since my post was from last year, it is possible that there had been some price and menu changes today. Hmm… Your P800 may not fit 5 people (depending on how much you guys eat). 😀 When we would eat there (just the 2 of us), the 3-meat variant made us really full! I suggest you order x2 of that for a group of 5, and it will fit you nicely. 🙂 Total cost might be less than P2,000 (?) but a little more than P1,500.

      Hope this helps! Let me know how well it went 😀


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