Anime: Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji 1000% Review

So over the holidays, I did absolutely NOTHING but play Guild Wars 2. I finally was able to finish all chapters of the Living Story Season 2 so far. I think there is a patch by Jan 13, so I better check it out by then.


This weekend, I watched STRAIGHT Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji 1000% (known as UtaPri). I loved it so much that there was intensity 4-ish earthquake that early morning (I watched from 10PM-4:30AM), around 3AM, I didn’t feel it!


 Picture grabbed from Google. I don’t own this.

Check out why I loved it!

What is the story about?

It’s about a girl, Harka Nanami, who wants to compose a song for her idol HAYATO, hence went to study to a famous music school called Saotome Academy. This school is a boarding school for aspiring composers and idols owned by the once a famous idol, Shining Saotome.


And this is where all of her adventures started (met all ST☆RISH boys before they were even called ST☆RISH).


Picture grabbed from Google. I don’t own this.


Plot is somewhat shallow. It just merely a reverse harem. It has all the components of a dating anime. It was modeled in such a way you could easily put your shoes into the heroine, while all other characters have personality. What I find rather odd is that they haven’t built up the characters enough (example: Why is Natsuki like that?). Maybe in its other forms (game), the background of each character would have been introduced even further.

To add, there are also some elements of music plugged into the story.


However, the ending was somewhat a surprise – well at least I didn’t expect it to end like that and right away!



Music and Sound:

Since this is an anime about music creation, expect great soundtrack! I’m looking where I can get hold all of their songs (especially Otoya’s Brand New Melody!). I’m waiting for a response (if you can read this, I did drop a comment and hoping to get reply XD ). Hope it will be favorable!!!! Just like my Brother’s Conflict request. But what I LOVE the most is their ending theme – Maji 1000% by ST☆RISH. I can listen to it repeatedly just like 14 to 1 and Get ready tonight of Brothers Conflict.



Why I love this anime as mentioned earlier? It is because of my passion – and I can relate to the story. I studied the piano for a total of 5 years. I was even the one who taught my little brother the basics of piano. I really want to compose my own music but I can’t sing to save my life, and I’m pretty weak in lyric composition. I’m better off writing novels and the like. I even have already a music composition in my head and a few times attempted to create lyric-less songs. I might not be really good at piano, but I do work my very best! So I can very much relate to the heroine, Haruka (plus my pen name Haru!). It is really her passion, hardwork, honesty and raw talent that brought her to places. Plus she is a composer. Lol!


Who is my favorite guy? More of guys! I like Ittoki Otoya  and Shinomiya Natsuki. I don’t know why but Otoya has a soft spot for me while Natsuki is relate-able. I won’t elaborate why. Hahaha!



I can’t wait to watch the season 2 – Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji 2000% and grab a copy of all of UtaPri’s soundtracks! Can’t wait for vacation to roll by so I get to watch all season 2 episodes!


Oh and I’m anticipating 2 game related anime – Log Horizon and No Game No Life! I want to see how it ends. xD

2 thoughts on “Anime: Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji 1000% Review

  1. It’s nice that I’ve found a blog that will give me some ideas on how to take care of my skin (zero knowledge here, despite being in late 20s), with anime stuff as well (since I reaaaally like reading manga and watching anime). Yay!

    To answer your question, you may try looking for the song/album you like at hikarinoakariost(dot)info. They have an extensive list of anime/game/anime movie/jpop/jrock soundtracks that you can download. Cheers.


    1. Hi Airinyan! Thanks fr dropping by! It took me long before I could actually respond. I’m happy that you appreciate my crazy mix. 😀

      Oh and thanks for the info where I could find these albums! So excited to try them out. UtaPri Season 3 is already out. I’ve watched episodes 1 and 2, so far it seemed so-so. I hope they release nice albums! IMO, Season 1 has the ending song.

      See you around? 😀

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