Haru’s Thoughts: New Domain! New Layout!

Happy New Year! I know I’m late again. I’ve been crazily preoccupied these days so I try to be as free as possible so I could play Guild Wars write. Hehehe. I have so much stuff in my mind that is non-work related.


Take it as me being FREE! Yeah, there had been changes now which I am somewhat grateful for. But before life in general, I did accomplish (though 13 days late) to get myself a domain! Yahoo!


Why change a domain? Because…..

NOTE TO READER: If you’re after some reviews, please refer to the previous or next post. This is just me sharing life. Oh and this will be text heavy.

First of all, I regret getting that name: roamaimlessly. I never knew that this site would last that long (running 5 this year!) so I didn’t plan ahead. I had title changes in the past, but I feel like I’d stick with this. 🙂

To add, getting a domain requires me to purchase. So I did. I have big plans for this year and so it all starts with that purchase. I hope I’d be able to sustain this!


Here’s a tribute to my old site:old new site

And now, on with the new:

new site

I’m still exploring some layouts but heck, internet is not cooperating so this should do for now.


I missed blogging. Heck, I missed my life. I’m happy now that my excess baggage had been freed up and I am willing to go back to my life. My personal life. And it all begins with this change! Hahaha!



I’ve been trying out some products as of the late. I’m emptying my box so as I could fill it in with new ones. I guess I could call this moving on. 🙂 And I’m quite happy about it.


Anyway, I’m just so happy that I reached a milestone. One huge step for me! Here’s to change and to my dreams!


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