Haru’s Thoughts: Motolite’s Express Hatid Experience

So I have been in a hiatus for 2 months after purchase of my domain, and then I blog about car batteries!?!?!

You see, I’m having car issues for 1-2 years already. I guess my good o’l car is, for lack of a creative description, old. Oh but we did have good days. Anyway, this morning, I tried starting my car, and it won’t budge! Luckily, my folks won’t be using their car today so I get to borrow it. Benefits of staying at your folk’s home. However, they will be using that car tomorrow.  The other car, well, it’s manual transmission – which would take me A WHOLE LOT OF TIME to understand that thing! I have 9 hrs to re-learn, assuming I won’t be sleeping. Therefore, I HAD to get mine fixed when I arrive home, after work and some chores. With that, I get to try out, not because I want to, rather, I HAD TO, the 24-hr service anywhere of Motolite, which they call EXPRESS HATID. Reader, hold your horses before you order. This is only applicable to Manila and Key Cities.


Sometimes, I think that my car is alive and knows exactly when to act up. But hey, a little rain in your parade is bound to teach you a thing or two in the real world. 😉


Click below for more details on my Motolite Express Hatid experience!

NOTE TO READER: This is text-heavy since I didn’t take ANY PHOTOS. They had fixed it at 9:50PM, against the garage light, all thanks to the hood of my car.

When I was at the mall to do some chores (after work and it was quite dark out already), I browsed over the Motolite’s website using my mobile phone. I quickly found an option to click and call – pretty nifty! I just saved the number, and then called them when I was an hr or so away from home.

motolite mobileIf you click that EXPRESS HATID, a pop-up will appear, asking if you’d be calling their hotline or not. Cool, huh?

Their call center experience is ok – I waited a little but the lady behind the other line was pretty courteous. Since there was a nearby servicing area, their service guarantee is within 1hr and 30 minutes after the call.

And guess what, it arrived 10 minutes earlier! Could have been earlier, if they didn’t get lost in our maze-like neighborhood. They were able to reach the site (despite the horrible, horrible traffic) since they were probably an accredited vendor my area. How was I able to know? The receipt of course! Ah, the things I learn from work that I get to apply in real life.


The service took around 30-40 minutes, and the guys who did the work (I wasn’t able to get their names) were pretty entertaining and quick to work. Perhaps, with a little fun sarcasm from the younger guy, but I’m not the one who gets pissed over those stuff. I even joined in his remarks. 😀


To add, this is the second time I had that car serviced due to dead battery. My mom had called their call center years back, and they do keep database of customers! They validated if the addressed I gave was the same one they have in their database. So cool, given that my last transaction was I think 2-3 years ago, and they even have information of the car they serviced and the type of battery they gave me. I also paid almost the same amount (well, it’s the same battery model, after all), and had the old one trade with them in. What will I do with that battery if I kept it? After the service to my car, they bid farewell.


Bottomline, that Express Hatid is VERY CONVENIENT. However, it’s still too close for comfort for the final verdict (service took place almost an hr ago from this post). I haven’t performed the test drive yet to really check if all screws were returned well. Give me a break. It’s night and I want to rest. So far, I am one satisfied customer, having tried their service during the day (2-3 years ago) and at night (a while ago).  I wanted you guys to know as soon as I can. Who knows, I might be able to help a fellow like me with a dead car battery.  (Go to http://www.motolite.com/ for more details!)


As for my car, I’m planning to have it replaced real soon. More details on my car journey (from someone who doesn’t know a drop of engine blah) once I do get it! For my other random thoughts, I’d share it some other time (exploration on my purchased domain, life and the like). I just want to sleep now. Good night! 😉



EDIT: As of May 5, 2015 (the following day), I went to work with my car, and so far, no issues at hand. Yay!

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