North Haven Spa: Strawberry Jam Body Scrub Review

Hello! It’s been wild for the last few days. I did create a schedule of sorts for my day, unfortunately, it was never followed. Le sigh~


During one of my work-related trips, I landed in the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio! I REALLY WANTED TO GO THERE JUST BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER. I love the cold weather, the fog, the fact that I will wear a nice jacket, be cozy under the covers, and the picturesque sight of the mountains. So when I saw Baguio was in the list of places to be assigned to, and as destiny may have put it, placed me there, I was so happy! I will definitely not trade my cold and cozy spot there over a hot, humid, view of the sea. It’s been 3 years since I last went to Baguio. As I type this, I am dreaming to go back there.

Before going back to Manila, we passed by North Haven Spa quickly (15 minutes-quick), and I hauled the scrubs they have. Ha! I wished to extend my stay, but call of duty. I headed back to Manila with the team, as scheduled.


Among the 4 scrubs I bought, the first scrub I tried is one of their new ones – Strawberry Jam Scrub!


Yum! Strawberry yum! But is it as yummy on the skin as well?

There isn’t much of a description for this item so I’ll jump straight to my product experience. I got this for P250 (roughly $5.53). I’m not sure exactly how much of a product there is – if this is more than their other scrubs. If I were to benchmark their other scrubs, it is possible that there is around 150g or more. The shopkeeper said this is one of their newest scrub line. Me being attracted to novelty items jumped right into the purchase. And they accept credit cards which is a MAJOR plus, since I was saving my cash for something else. In their store, I was like, “Do you have this? Oh, what’s your best seller? Is this new? I’ll take one of these, then that and that. Oh and this!” I basically bought all possible scrub “flavors” they have in store. And 2 massage oils (strawberry and coffee, because well, it’s unique). Too bad they didn’t have the coffee nor greentea. And I think milk also. Boo.




Back to the product! It’s packed in a plastic (microwaveable?) tub, so people who are sensitive in dipping their fingers into their products might need to think twice. On the top view, it looks like strawberry jam! Yum! As you could see, it has this big and small seeds in it.This is definitely not good for the face or people with sensitive skin in the other parts of the body, since the beads might be too big and too rough for you. For me, it was fine since what do you expect in  a body scrub anyway?

IMG_1033Is that a strawberry seed?

The scrub feels cool on the skin which is good for this treacherous heat. I find it rather comfortable on skin. Sounds so heavenly, right?

Well, downfall for me is the scent. It has this strong rubbing alcohol scent which is overpowering the sweet strawberry jam scent. My mom said (who is a Chemist graduate) said it is possible that this has glycerin – it has the similar scent to a strong rubbing alcohol. Perhaps, this is the contributing factor as to why it was cold on skin. So if your nose is sensitive to scents, this might not be good for you.

Upon application, the high alcohol scent is emphasized. Seems like the strawberry jam is more of an undertone.  I’m not that sensitive to scents, but this is too much for me to a point I disliked it and wished I’d finish my tub quick! And when you do use this, don’t rub too hard! As you can see, the back of my hand is red from rubbing too hard and fast. XD

When you do use this as a scrub, I advise you to get a good helping of the scrub since it didn’t have much oil in it to cover more skin area.


Once it’s washed, it has the same output as a normal scrub would. Also, the alcohol tones are gone!  What’s left is the sweet jam scent, assuming you placed minimal scent/scentless soap on skin. The sweet strawberry scent lingers for a while – like an hour or so. I also notice that where my skin is sensitive (I think my skin asthma is being active again), this product made it itch. Perhaps it was a little drying and made those patches of skin a little drier than it should.

Wait. So what is exactly your bathing ritual here? My bathing ritual with body scrubs is that to scrub first, then minimal soap after. This is because some scrubs tend to be too oily for my taste. I’m not saying that this is the correct ritual, but this is on my opinion only.


Would I recommend this? For the sheer being such a novelty item, showing support to local products, and cool when I apply on skin – maybe. I have to admit, this is a fun product, but what makes me lean towards to no are the fact that it is hard to find (you could only purchase in their Baguio stores, if I’m not mistaken) and its alcohol scent. I really disliked the alcohol scent. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, I know I had been saying over and over again that I do not like alcohol tones in my perfumed item.


Have I finished the tub? Why yes! I hurriedly finished it so I could jump into the next scrub – which is also a novelty item as well. When I was bathing on my 4th try with this, I accidentally dropped the tub in the bath and spilled like 2/3 of it! I can be a huge klutz at times. And promise it was an accident! It slide right off my hand and the whole bath area smelled like alcohol with a hint of strawberry jam.

After 2-3 more uses (huge glomps!), I finally finished my tub. To my delight.


If you’re in Baguio, please do drop by their store and try their scrubs! This might had been a miss for me but not all of their products are misses. Some are actually hits (like the massage oil!). Make sure to try their massages as well. My friend who came with me to the store was sad that we failed to try their massages. I think they’re open as early as 8AM and closes around 10PM? In any case, do drop them a call to check! One of their 2 branches (as of this writing) have a nearby hotel (a heritage site, at that!) and restaurant that you might want to check out as well. 🙂 I might try their massages when I do get back to Baguio.


How about you? Are you  intrigued with the product? Share your thoughts!

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