North Haven Spa: Ginger Body Scrub Review


Ginger in my food. Ginger in my cup. Now, ginger as a scrub? Strange?

Some like it hot, some like cold. Some like it in a pot, 5 days old.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that nursery rhyme. I think it had something to do with the porridge. In any case, that poem was running in my head as I use this: Ginger Body Scrub from North Haven Spa in Baguio!


Jump to see the review to see why!

Since there are barely any description on this, I will go thru my experience. This pot houses 150g of scrub + oil. I think this was worth P220 ($4.89). Not sure if this is worth it, but for a blogger who got tons of stuff like me, the little pot is somewhat ok.


When you open the lid of the pot, you will be greeted by the brown oil-like substance.Kind of reminds me molasses but not as viscous.  IMG_1182


And when you dig below, you see the white salt-like scrubs. They are clumped together so you really have to use a spatula and mix the oil and scrub.


Since this is a pot with the oil and salt scrubs separated from each other, you need a spatula to mix them both together. I find this as an disadvantage since I don’t really want to do an additional step when taking a bath. You have to mix them together each and everything you use this. As in EACH AND EVERY TIME. This is because the scrubs will go settle at the bottom of the pot when you don’t use this.


See? Such a hassle each time before you use this!

Upon application, one thing you notice is that it has this nice cozy warmth on skin. My mom said because this is the properties of ginger. This is fabulous for a cold, non-humid weather (like Baguio) or when it’s the cold rainy season (hello July!), or if you’re somewhere colder since the warmth is really relaxing.


While scrubbing, you will notice the warmth spreading. In fact, there will be more warmth felt by your hand (since most likely you will be using you hand), but it’s not burning kind. Those with extra sensitive skin might need to skip this due to the warm sensation. As for the scent, it has this perfume like scent with a hint of ginger. I don’t find this annoying like the Strawberry Jam Scrub, but those with sensitive noses may need to think twice.



It also spreads nicely on skin, thanks to the oil component. I find this rather runny as compared to your regular scrub so use sparingly when scrubbing since you might waste more of the product. Even with the obvious oil component, I don’t find this greasy at all. Which is very good!

After bathing, I also noticed my skin to be tad brighter (because I scrubbed, duh!), soft and supple. I also noticed another thing. I have this bad left shoulder ache for months. When scrubbing, I ensured I get enough of this product on that problem area and massage it a little. I feel quite relieved afterwards. That made me love this more!


Would I recommend this? Given the effect on the skin and the novelty (warmth and wonderful scent), why yes! The downfall of this scrub are: availability and need to mix prior bathing. For those with sensitive skin and sensitive noses may need to rethink before jumping into the purchase. But if you happen to be in Baguio, make sure you drop by and check this out. They have testers in store for you.

I’ve read some articles in the internet before that ginger has medicinal properties – used sometimes in alternative medicine. Hmm… Maybe that’s why it’s so soothing and relieved by aching shoulder. Cool!



I finished this tub today (after many times I used this!) and I’m rather happy with the product, minus the need to mix prior using part. And since I finished this…. I’m on to my next! YAY!!!! Should I pick Strawberry or Milk? Hmm……



What do you think of this product? Will you try this out?

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