Skinfood: Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea BB SPF 35PA++ Review

Gah!!!! I’m really sorry for slacking off for blog posts. I’m basically rushing over everything. I know, I know. One can never run out of stuff to do at work, but one can also drown in work. XD


Right now, I’m at home, waiting for my colleague to be in the train station.I will pick her up and we’d go to our location for pilot test.  Why not convert my idle time to something productive, right?


I will review today one of my make-up kit staples – Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea BB SPF 35PA++ from Skinfood!

See? Such nice nice packaging ❤ Jump to see more of the product!

Skinfood describes this product as:

  • Sunscreen, Anti-wrinkle Effect
  • A long-lasting BB Cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging
  • A wrinkle-smoothing and concealing BB cream that smooths fine lines and dents while evening out skin tones with anti-aging superfood acai berry and raspberry
  • To use: Apply an even layer to skin in gentle patting motions

Wow. I never knew it was an anti-aging thing. Ha! I got my 30g tube of BB Cream in a Skinfood stall for P675 ($14.50), but with a 10% discount, all thanks to my membership card. ❤ If this was bought in S.Korea or from an online reseller, this will definitely come in cheap!

What is lovely about Skinfood is how they package their items. Very novel with the box, plus the design. I love the watercolor effect on the packaging!


As seen above, it comes with a rather short nozzle. It may seem big in my photos, but I assure you, my Pilot Gel Pen is longer than the entire thing!


When dispensed, it looks rather ashy beige. It also has this slight synthetic peach scent with the usual Skinfood scent. I don’t mind the scent, but those with sensitive noses might need to think twice on this.



To pat down the ashy colors, it’s best to use a brush to even it out on your face and have powder to hold it down for it to last. On its own, it rather looks ashy on my fair to medium skin tone and doesn’t last long (around 4hrs?). But blended with a darker shade of BB cream, it works just fine. Also, I just love that faint smell!


Also, this did not break me out!!! So wonderful!


Would I recommend this? For a fair skin tone with yellow undertones, this will work. For those with darker skin tones may need to rethink. It would be better if you get to try out a sample and see for yourself. Same goes with people with sensitive noses.

Now, how did this become my bag staple? One, it works well with my other BB Cream and powder. Two, it did not break me out and lastly, I love the scent!!!



How about you? Would you like to try this one out? Let  me know your thoughts below!



For those who are interested with its ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t post it in my COSDNA since its all in Korean.

IMG_0014 IMG_0017

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