Haru’s Thoughts: Hobby Update!

Hello. My walking world is like a rollercoaster for the past few months – both  good and bad. In all aspects of my life. Whole lot of stuff had happened that I had never expected. Looking back last year, exactly same time last year, I wouldn’t think I’d be where I am now and still thrive. Maybe when I recap my 2015 during my slow days (will there be one?), I will definitely wonder how I managed to survive this roller coaster year.


How do I anyway? From my hobbies which comprises of (not in any order):

  • Make-up and Skin Care
  • Writing and Drawing
  • Coloring —- this is something new!
  • Searching for nice places to eat – But I try to lessen this since I’m gaining weigh >.<
  • Anime (at times, this is a stressful one when I’m in the WHERE IS THE NEXT EPISODE?!?!?!?! mode)
  • MMORPG (but returning from time-to-time, console!)


NOTE TO READER: This is a text-heavy post. This has nothing to do with reviews or anything of that matter. Kindly refer to the post previous to this, the next ones or make use of the search function – type REVIEWS.

I haven’t been trying on any new make-up or skin care lately. I’ve been sticking to my pile of mainstays or keeping my face fresh from make-up (a.k.a. minimal to no make-up ). I dunno why. I just don’t feel like it, unless I have to. I’ve been having bad case of allergies lately, all thanks to the bipolar weather, so even if I to persuade myself, I really just can’t or I shouldn’t. This is aside from the fact that I just don’t really feel like it. Well, maybe except for a few exceptions (Rosebud Salve, Cure Natural Aqua Gel, North Haven Spa Scrubs, some items from Benefit and Skin Food… Hmmm…..). And I bought some mascaras from a cardholder sale. And got deluxe sample from Benefit.. And… Bought stuff from Nature Republic… And…

As for the drawing and the writing part, when I do think of some really fantastic plot or scenes, I jot them down or else, these thoughts will keep on bothering me when I am in my work mode. Right now, I REALLY MUST BLOG if not, I will be haunted by these thoughts! I did come up quite a few –  oh like maybe 3-4 concepts, but I managed to jot down 1-2. Those that were not written, well, kept on playing in my head. Similar case with the pieces I want to play in piano, or attempt to play. They’re occupying my thoughts! If you see me walk passed by you with out greeting (especially in the mornings, breaks and going home), don’t feel bad. I’m spacing out to keep all these things in. As much as I want to write them all down and draw my characters, I would rather sleep or go play online, which I will discuss later.

One of the hit anti-stress things now is coloring. Are you familiar with the those coloring books with high detail and very intricate designs? I did jump into the bandwagon and got myself 3 books. Ha! I don’t have the photos now, but I assure you. I barely finished 2 pages. I don’t like doing the patters and animals kind. I chose mainly places – so I can see how I will draw them and fill in the lines. I also feel so happy using my new and old colored pencils. I just realized how much Colleen is such a nice brand for merely coloring. Swiss Caran D’ Ache Water Soluble Pencils tend to be light for coloring books. I also got this new one sold in Fully Booked. I did try it, but Colleen is more vibrant as a tool for coloring my coloring books! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SWISS CARAN D’ ACHE, but for drawing and coloring with watercolor effects. :3

As for nice places to eat in the metro, I was able to explore a handful. I have all the pictures stored and some rough notes. So watch out for them! Oh, and I am gaining weight again. Boo. I need to watch out what I eat. XD

For Anime, it is like a double-edge sword.I was able to finish I think around 2 anime series, Shokugeki no Soma and Shirobako, . I ended up getting anxious for Shokugeki no Soma. Where is the next season? Which reminds me, when will No Game, No Life, UtaPri and Log Horizon go out? Tell me! Cliff hanger season endings. *Sigh*

Last but not the least, my gaming alter ego. For the last few months, I had been bugging my little brother to look for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-. Until I was able to purchase them from 2 different stores. I spent my MMORPG time to play these games.


Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- in PS3

Ah. I miss the days I would hurt my thumb from playing these. DOA was FANTASTIC!!! However, among my listed hobbies, it’s really my MMORPG that really caps my week. Every week, I really try my best to go online. Over the weekend, I decided to join another guild in my server, Faerie Law [FL], for WvWvW. I was able to run with them last Sat, and they gave me a really warm welcome (thanks Muffin for the invite!). XD FL’s a very close knit guild, mostly OCX but I think they do extend a little over SEA. I could remember some instances I would see Rev online and running with him. FL’s really nice and casual, which fits right at my gaming style. However, being an OCX guild, I need to speak good English all the time and log in earlier to be able to run with them. Hehehe!

gw005 - cropA little wave to my guild :3

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Legion of the Aguila [LOA]. Especially the night shift crew (you know who you are), but I’d like to go around and see other guilds as well. Will still be hanging out with you guys! I’ll visit you from time to time. Oh, and I also “met” new people as well which I really had fun chatting with. There are a lot of interesting people to chat with. It’s fun to talk to strangers to get your mind of things, and what’s more, I get to play too! Fun!



Phew! This is a very long post. At least I got some stuff off my head for tomorrow. I didn’t proofread this yet nor uploaded some photos. Oh well. Maybe next time? For now, to sleep! Good Night! See you next post. :3

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