Majolica Majorca: Lash King in BR666 Review


Gah~~~ I am supposed to write a ton of work-related stuff but I can’t seem to get the ball rolling. I was dozing off. Blame  my extreme gaming schedule during weekends! I spent the weekend running around with Faerie Law (FL) in the new maps and in WvW. This is the guild I just joined recently. I think I did mention it in my last post. We captured our Guild Hall after a few attempts (around 3-4 times last Friday, while getting it the first time last Saturday).  Anyway, I’ll write about our Guild Wars adventures, plus the first expansion (after 3 years!) of Guild Wars 2 on a different post. I hope it won’t be too far off.

But to keep my creative writing juices up, I figured I should do a product review. A LONG overdue one.

One thing I hate about mascaras is the need to purchase one every 3 months. They shouldn’t be sitting in your drawers, bags, whatever, more than that. Before dropping home, I decided to go to the mall to pick up a mascara. Had to say good bye to my Benefit Mascara and replace with a new, fresh mascara. I picked up Majolica Majorca’s Lash King in Brown 666!


Why brown? Why not deep black? Shouldn’t mascaras match your hair color? What’s wrong with the number ? To find out,  continue reading!

I got this tube for P499 ($10.58), since it was on sale that time I was in the mall. Its original price was P795 ($16.86), which is normal Majolica mascara. That time also, they had another variant, the black one (not on sale). I decided to pick up the brown one because:

  1. It was on SALE!
  2. I like to explore other colors – subtle ones though. Remember my previous purchase which I loved? A dark blue mascara from the same brand!
  3. My hair color isn’t really black like normal Asians. If I sat with a group of real black haired people, mine is rather lighter. It’s deep/dark brown. On normal house light, it looks black. But under sunlight, you’d see a a different shade. This is why I have some hesitations in having hair color. I love my hair color. XD

Like all of Majolica Majorca’s mascara, it’s housed in a nice cute tube!


I love this shot! Look at the emblem at the cover. Really cute! ❤


There isn’t much of a brush to go crazy about for this line. It’s a normal mascara brush. But brown.
If you look closely, there are little fibers on their mascara. This is normal to Majolica Majorca’s mascaras. Don’t worry, it doesn’t go to the eyes (at least for me). This brush nicely on your eye lashes. No need expert skills to put it on.


A closer look on my skin. The color is chocolate brown. I love wearing this since it gave this subtle look on my eyes, plus it’s as if there were something lighter on my face but you can’t really point at what. This is good for day events that you don’t need to be all formal, or office wear on a slow, casual day.

This is also waterproof. I had to use my make-up remover to get it off my eye lashes with minimal to no tugging.


Would I recommend? It was a good buy given the discounted price – long wear, subtle color and if you want to go explore. If you have deep black hair, you might want to rethink of getting this color. However, trying something new once or twice won’t hurt, right? But, if this weren’t in a discount, I might have thought of over and over of my decision to jump to the purchase. As for the number of the shade, I have totally no idea why they named it like that.


So far, I haven’t found any Majolica Majorca’s mascara that I am disappointed at. I love this brand of mascara!


How about you? What are your thoughts? Would you try a brown mascara?


For those interested with the ingredients, I’m sorry but I can’t post it in my cosdna account. It’s in Japanese!



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