Haru’s Thoughts: My Guild Wars 2 Adventure (So Far)

Hi Everyone!

I had been busy with gaming work for months already. I guess it’s my way of an escape (aside from all sorts of stuff I’ve been doing). Why do I exactly play online games? Isn’t it a bit contradicting to expectations – girl ❤ make-up (and spend tons over it) and MMORPG? Let me count the ways.

I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since… October 2012 (NA Server – Blackgate). BUT! My account got banned since they thought my card, the one I used to pay for my account, was a stolen card (WHAT!?!?!). It got reversed so totally fine. I recreated my character last week of December 2012, still in NA Server, Blackgate, and the rest is history. So you might think I might be a pro at this point. NAH! I only get to play Friday and Saturday nights (not even every week), sometimes Sunday, and no-work-next-day nights (or no work day). I haven’t been consistently online – just casual… Extremely casual.

After 3 years since game launch, they finally released their major patch yet – Heart of Thorns – last October 23, 2015. And I did pre-purchase it a week before launch.


More on my Guild Wars 2 Adventure right after the jump! Welcome to my alternate world – Tyria!

NOTE TO READER: This is a text and picture heavy post. This is also lengthy. This has nothing to do with reviews (sort of). If you are looking for one, kindly refer to the post previous to this or, utilize the search bar on the right, and type “Review”.

Guild Wars 2 launched last August 28, 2012, as part of the Guild Wars Series of games by ArenaNet. I haven’t played the other series, so not much of a comparison at that standpoint. Yes, I have been playing that long. In terms of MMORPG, I’ve played quite a handful – started on 2006, I think. What made me play and stay in this game (for almost 3 years)?

  • World versus World

To my less gamer and non-technical by nature readers, this basically means servers fighting in the same map. In large numbers of people logged in all at the same time, with more or less same objectives, 24/7. What I do love about this is the player kills. This was the main reason why I even played this game. I may not be the best player there is, but it’s still fun. This is my stress reliever.


That’s me and my guildies waiting for the WvW maps to open

In my other MMORPGs way back, I did join an official competition – 8 vs 8. I built my own group to join the regionals and we were killing it. The game master was even surprised to see a girl as team lead (LOL! Because I think I was the only one.). Did we win? No. We lost at the final round due to forfeit – some of us had to dropout, like me. I had school the following day and it was like 10PM already! Point is, I enjoyed player versus player that much. But doing it in big groups – that it got me back to MMO, and led me to this game. For these kind of sorties to work, you need to have: 1) good coordination across players, and 2) solid bond with the group (which will bring me to the next reason why I stayed). You don’t have to be good to win (well, maybe a little.) – all it takes is teamwork.

  • The Community – Blackgate and the guilds that built it

I had my share of meeting good and bad people from game and out to the real world. Imagine, spending a reasonable amount of time playing/interacting with people at the other side of the monitor. And needing to cooperate with a lot of differences – various nationalities, time zones, etc. Blackgate’s a pretty solid community of nice players. Sometimes, I even think these people are better friends that real ones. Strange, yes? And fun to chat with. (A little shoutout to Unlucky!). Even if we’re a one huge server-community, it is composed of smaller group of guilds. I did join 3, so far. And I have been lucky enough to join, and meet nice people.

The latest guild I joined: Faerie Law [FL]


I did mention about it from a previous post. I joined them last October 10. I wanted to try out new guilds, outside of my comfort zone, that happens to run around WvW, but not very intense. That afternoon, I was running under their guild raid Saturdays and I saw them chat out really funny recruitment messages. I though that if they managed to repeatedly map shout funny and witty messages, then people here might be built with substance. So jumped right in! Thanks to muffinsnail for the invite! ❤


Faerie Law is a small, close-knit, WvW-based, OCX guild, ran by Krystal Guardian. A lot of them are based in Australia (hence, OCX/Oceanic), but there are some in other regions/time zones as well – SEA (South East Asia), EU (Europe), and NA (North America).  So far, they are really fun, good nature, no-nonsense, and minimal drama guild. They aren’t that strict, too. Coming from 2 predominantly Filipino guilds, this was interesting and somewhat challenging (I have to speak in English to be understood). But I love these guys, even if their timezone is a quite tough for me. I need to log in earlier… 5-6hrs earlier, but I do it as much as I could. 😉  What’s better is that they are still actively recruiting too! Come join us! If you’re in Blackgate, looking for an active to WvW, fun and no drama guild, then drop me a message so we can reach you! We’re open to people returning to the game and new ones playing the game. ❤


This screenshot came from Krystal, the guild leader. He’s that huge guy at the center. It’s easy to follow him around since he sticks out. :p Oh look! That’s me at the rightmost side (camera shy?). Not everyone was present during the photo-op, though (Muffin and Yuffie, you missed it. 😦 )

One of the slightly recent guild activity we had was the Guild Hall capture. We got the Lost Precipice.


We had multiple attempts (2-3x) to capture this. We lost the first ones since there were only 4-5 of us doing it, and the map is HUGE. The entire guild capture event was time-based, so it’s important to be quick in running to the event, and finishing the event. 😦 On our last attempt, there were 8 of us on and we managed to get it at first attempt (again). :3 Lucky! Lucky! We’ve been busy lately doing guild raids in WvW and mission (the usual), plus roaming around gathering stuff for guild upgrades. Come join the guild and have some fun 😉 I would love to meet these guys in real life someday. 🙂

The Filipino Guild I joined mid last year, I think: Legion Of The Aguila [LOA]


This is a predominantly FIlipino guild. I think they started way back in Guild Wars 1. If I’m not mistaken, they moved in to Blackgate from another server. They are all nice folks, too. Legion Of The Aguila is a Philippine-based guild in Blackgate that does mostly PvE. We have a few members in other servers as well. This is an active guild.


During guild missions, when there were A LOT of active players

That’s also us gliding in Auric Basin, to Gilded Hollows (our guild hall), during release of HoT.  Around 10-15 of us were online until wee hours, running around like newbies.

They are really funny once you get to meet them. We love teasing each other, without getting annoyed. We laugh at each other’s stupidities in life and in game. We have our own teamspeak server. This guild is very tight, both in-game and outside, having meet-ups every year. It’s easy for us to meet up because all of us live in the same country. 😀 Even if I did meet them in game, some turned real life friends (*waves at Rose*). Fun facts: One of the members is my officemate (but inactive in-game). And there were some members who spotted me back in college and around the metro. XD Imagine to my surprise when I met them first time last year! As a guild, we’re meeting up again by end of this year. In case you’re wondering, we aren’t actively recruiting. Recruitment normally is thru referrals with a screening process.

Last, but not the least, the first guild I joined: URGE [URGE]


xCalamity/Choco Eclair – that’s our guild leader. 😀

I got in this guild thru invite as well. This is one of the pioneer SEA guilds in Blackgate in 2012, heavy on WvW. A predominantly Filipino guild, but inactive (or dead). We used to run under the command of Choco Eclair. He’s a very funny guy when he’d command. We would even follow him till we get downed. At one point, we all fell down and it wiped the entire guild zerg. Good Times. I enjoyed my first few months in this game because of this group. We also found some real life friends from this guild as well. Plus, I realized that one of the members was my classmate back in college! Small world!


Grouping ourselves for the guild mission. This is the pioneer group.


Again grouping for guild missions. Pioneer group + 2nd batch of members

We moved to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn,upon its launch. Plus, got busy with a lot of things in real life, so the group died down eventually. But heck, we still get in touch in real life with some members when some game crops up.  Miss you guys!

… And in Blackgate, we have Sailor Warriors! (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus). It was cool to see them in action in WvW.


It was a fun sight! Sailor Warriors! On the leftmost screen, you’d see the FL’s guild leader. What is he doing? I’m not sure.

  • Game Environment (even if I run under minimal graphics, thanks to my aging laptop)

When I’m not in WvW, I would do normal PvE stuff. I honestly like the environment, like this one:


This one below reminds me of Yggdrasil City in Sword Art Online (if you’ve watched the Anime):


I love how they built the game – the design, the characters. It’s like a living world on its own.


Scene from one of their older patches. Yes, you can have the princess.

Sometimes, I get sucked into the game and don’t realize the time. With the game play, community and design, who wouldn’t?

In this game, I only play with 3 characters:


Left to Right: Mesmer, Engineer, Revenant. See any similarities?

Since playing GW2 (Q4 of 2012), until early this year, I only had 1 character – my Mesmer. In the games I play, I normally would choose the long range, magic class type. Mesmer sits nicely because aside from the fact that it is long range and magic class type, I don’t have to press too many keys. I lasted that playing just this one for a little over 2 years – I never saw myself playing another character. I don’t play regularly and I hated grinding (still hate it!). But I found myself getting another one, an Engineer, just because I like the flamethrower. XD Plus, I think it’s also pretty obvious why.

As for the Revenant, I felt I need to have a heavy class character. The Revenant is part of the game’s first major patch – Heart of Thorns. It offered a new class you can play, 4 new maps (world of Tyria), set of specialization and skills to master, new reward system, continuation of the story, and new maps for WvW, among others.


Checking out the new borderlands


Gliding around the map with a lot of players. Gliding is ❤


Trying to beat the story. 

There are a few bugs and glitches still, like any software (I can relate very well). But overall, the patch really benefits PvE players. For WvW players, not so much. However, just like any program releases, it’s still too early to tell what’s in store for us living in Tyria.


Don’t be blinded by the treasure!

Bottom line, I am really enjoying this game. This is my escape – my stress reliever, aside from writing/blogging, drawing, coloring, etc. I can’t do much physical activities yet (like running, biking). Aside from not being a fan of exercise, ever since I sprained my foot last year, walking can be painful at times. Stupid high-heeled shoes! XD Guess my foot isn’t 100% healed yet, sans cast. *Sigh* 😦

I hope you enjoyed my long post. 😉 If you see me running around Tyria, feel free to drop by and say hi! Or join my friends and I in our adventures in Tyria. Join Faerie Law [FL]!

This had been a long post for me. Phew! Back to reality tomorrow… Sleep, Haru, sleep! My panda eyes are getting worse because of this. Hehehe. Which reminds me that I have this eye patch I need to try out… ❤

What are your thoughts? Would you like to jump into the game?

Drop a message here ~~~

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