Globe Broadband Internet: Customer Service Review

Normally, I give praises to good food, good restaurant, good make-up, good skin care and good customer service.

This time around, what I received was the worst-of-the-worst customer service I ever experienced so far. I pass the award to: Globe . I hyperlinked it so you can see what I’m talking about. I know it’s too early to crown that, it’s just March!

Exactly how long were we subscribed to Globe Broadband Internet? Probably around 3 years. 

Jump below to see the details.

NOTE TO READER: If you’re looking for a product or food place review, please refer to the other sites. This is a review of a local telco’s customer service and my experience with them.


Our modem died last Thursday, March 2, 2017. Rather, we realized it dead by March 2, 5AM. We thought it could have been just a glitch – needs some R&R. But no, it’s really, dead. It won’t turn on, no matter where we plug it. We even tried to plug it where the router’s plugged – which resulted to no response. Our router’s still alive and kicking, but useless with out the Globe Modem.

I came home late at night, but I managed to talk to my sister to call up Globe,  to have it visited and replaced.


I again reminded my sister to contact Globe. She messaged their Facebook Page. Good, they replied 1-2 hours after her inquiry. They gave the standard troubleshooting guidelines, to which my sister tried to do – that yielded to 0 results, because the Globe modem is, as I had initially said, dead. No light, no response, nothing. Its only purpose would be a very light paperweight, with antenna. She messaged them about it and after that, no more response. Strike one.

I came home really late and learned about it. So I told myself, I’d go call them up tomorrow morning.


I woke up at my usual Saturday morning. So I went over to the phone and called them up. My first call to Globe. I think it’s between 8AM-12NN. I talked to the agent, he was nice, I told him specifically what happened: the modem won’t light up. The modem is dead, there is no internet and clearly showed that it needs to be replaced. He tried to make me do the standard troubleshooting, and I had to cut him off since we did those after we had messaged them in facebook. With that, he said technical guys would come over around Sunday, March 5, 2017, 1PM-5PM, unless there was some weather disturbance or power outage. I know well he filed it since I can hear the keyboard typing away in the background. I tried to ask if they could come earlier, but unfortunately, I had to queue. To which I respected. I was supposed to get a call or sms before the tech guys arrive, and if they found that the modem (a.k.a a hardware to which each subscriber has to transmit the internet within your location) was broken due to user negligence, we would have to pay around P1,200. But, if it was found to be defective and not our fault, then, they would replace it free of charge. In any case, it was good I was told upfront on the options so I could prepare for the worse case = pay P1,200. After that, he gave me the order no. 2*******.

After that, I was on my merry way.

Little did I know that this would turn out worse the following day.


Before we had our lunch, I called them up just to check on the status. I had a feel that something was not right.

My second call to Globe. The agent confirmed that there was a “network” issue in the cabinet (I’m assuming they were referring to the grid I was connected to), so the tech guys are resolving that first. She assured me that they will go to my place within the same SLA (service level agreement of 1PM-5PM) once it’s fixed. I also reiterated that my modem has no network issues, because, it’s been dead for 4 days. How was I supposed to know there was a network problem with a paperweight modem? I was supposed to get a call/sms when it’s fixed and they will go to my place.

Globe sent me an SMS 12:27PM that the network outage in my area has been resolved. Perfect! Means, they will be coming over after. And I was dead wrong. Below is the message I got (first 3 SMS):


Automated call reached me by 12:34PM, confirming if I still had an issue.  So I complied the call, pressing a bunch of numbers to answer the automated voice. I was obviously still experiencing some issues after their network fix because my modem is dead. After complying with a bunch of keys, I felt something is wrong. so I called them up.

My third call to Globe. An agent, a girl, picked up and of course, I went again to my series of Q&A’s prior to being actually talked to. I reiterated that my modem is dead so I wanted to ensure someone’s going to come over and have it replaced. She spilled the beans – my order number was cancelled automatically because the network in the area was fixed. Wait. Auto-cancelled because of them fixing the network outage? Hold on a second. My issue was modem, a.k.a. hardware, and when did network = hardware? So I blew up. I insisted that someone go over today, and have it replaced/checked. I even asked her to read what was my initial complaint, to which clearly read, as clear as crystal, that it was my faulty modem. Faulty, in fact was an understatement. So she filled a job order to have someone come over.

Globe sent me another SMS 1:36PM. Saying the following (last 3):


Wait. WHAT?!?!?! TOMORROW?!?!?! This can’t be a mistake right? And what’s that? You will assume that the problem has been resolved from YOUR END? WHAT?!?!?!?! I clearly said MODEM IS DEAD. How can you assume it will magically fix itself, without your technicians dropping by, thru fixing the cabinet/internet? Oh please, that must be some sorcery that my dead modem will resurrect after 4 days. This is madness. Ok. So maybe I’m over-reacting, maybe I read it wrong. Maybe they will still come on their initial March 5, 1-5PM promise time? I have to breathe and wait. So I waited.

My fourth call to Globe. It was around 3PM, I had to re-confirm the text. I talked to a guy agent and to my dismay, it is true. They will come the following day, because their system auto-cancelled my hardware issue when they fixed the network issue. I was extremely frustrated and told the agent, why can’t they honor the  initial promised time when obviously it was their mistake in tagging and cancellation. The agent jokingly replied, “Baka po nagsisinungaling yung una po ninyong nakausap. Hehehe” Translation: Maybe, the first person you talked to was lying. <Insert dry laughter>. I had it. Does this mean I shouldn’t trust any of you? So I insisted to talk to their supervisor, I mean, why should I trust you when you deliberately said the initial agent was lying? With that, the agent stuttered and had me on-hold to check with the supervisor. Before I was routed to the supervisor, I was on-hold for 15mins +.  So I resorted to twitter. I tweeted to @talk2GLOBE and @enjoyGLOBE. You can see that in my right panel – twitter feed portion. They replied a few minutes later and I was still on-hold. My twitter was very active because I was ranting my experience already. 140 character can’t fit all of my experience.

Fifth person I talked to Globe: Agent Supervisor. He was amiable – obviously a different league from the agents I talked to. He explained to me why my ticket was auto-cancelled. Out of my sheer frustration (I believe, anybody would be at this point), cut him off to tell him, “My issue was modem. Hardware. Which, your first agent logged accurately. It is not my problem anymore that your system auto-cancelled a hardware issue ticket from a network resolution. Do you even understand how different my issue, hardware, from your resolution, network/infrastructure? I’m guessing your agent/s have tagged the ticket wrong, which is beyond me. I properly described it and I obviously need someone over, between the initial SLA defined: 1PM-5PM.” He tried to handle the situation, sent some email to another department, had me on-hold and talked to me in between on-holds. He said they will try to have someone over before 8PM, but he can’t guarantee because there were jobs in queue. Yeah, in queue, because they cancelled my hardware ticket. Also, how can I not be serviced when: 1) technical team was in the area after they fixed my area, 2) Sunday – no traffic, they can quickly get here and get out, 3) job won’t take more than an hr to check and replace.

It was a long, lengthy discussion with the supervisor that I wanted 3 things: 1) fix their system tagging to differentiate a hardware issue from network, and make sure to not let a hardware ticket get auto-cancelled just because the network is fixed; 2) talk to the agent who said the first agent was lying (so guys and girls, can we REALLY trust these agents now that the agent himself told on us),  and 3) some technical guy go to my place, check/replace the modem ASAP. I demand my ticket to be re-opened and not create a new one. He did say they will TRY. It’s not my issue that if I got priority over others that others will get pissed. Hey, someone in your area goofed up, so they better suck it up. I said I’d call back around 7-7:30PM to check up again.

5th call to Globe, 6th person to talk to. As I had promised, I called up around 7:30PM to follow-up. I got picked up by a girl agent and she ran thru me the standard items. I called to follow-up, but to no avail. Even if you apologize, which I don’t need at the moment. I just want someone to get here and check/fix/replace the modem. She did say, she placed a note in the system to ensure I get a site visit (this I will have to see for myself tomorrow). Don’t get me wrong, I want to be sure that not some “network” issue again getting fixed first  and auto-cancelling my hardware ticket in the process will happen. I want to make sure I made myself clear and that the agent got that message written down in the system clear – whether in English or in our language. I also noted, “tomorrow is the 5th day it is dead. I am paying service good for 30 days, and you had contributed a huge part of it.” It’s 16.67% of the month, at minimum. She assured me that I will get a rebate and it will be reflected in the next billing statement. Let’s see about that. I will update this with the billing statement once it arrives in 1-1.5 weeks.

So much for “CREATE. The life you want”, Globe.

To cut the story short, my original SLA/OLA is definitely breached, so in terms of severity, my case should be severe. It was wrong tagged issue/concern, auto-cancelled job order from a wrong resolution, poor customer service, and no priority even with breached SLA because I had to go back into queue, just because someone screwed up.

Yes, Globe, you screwed up in handling this customer. I want to share this to others because I want them to be informed on the following:

  1. Before you make the call, make sure you have your account number and account name ready.
  2. In your initial call, make sure to clearly indicate your issue, whether in English or Filipino. Make it as descriptive and precise as possible.
  3. Ask the agent to repeat what you said, to the dot. Ask them to read the report they made, to be sure they captured it correctly.
  4. Write down the reference number they will give, date, time and name of the agent/s you’ve talked to (id number, if possible), plus the promised time they will arrive/assist/resolve your issue. My fault is I failed to capture their names of the agents I talked to.
  5. Do follow-ups on your ticket status. This way, you know what’s going on and you can easily rectify any of the telco’s missed outs. You log in your side the date, time, name of agent  and report they placed. Though, this shouldn’t be a necessity if they provide proper feedback.
  6. If the agent seems to be inconsistent and not knowing of the process, talk to the supervisor.


Oh right, as for the twitter, they asked me to sent them a direct message. I complied with the information like order number and account number, but they haven’t replied after that. I know they are still active because there were some more customer complaints after mine in twitter that they responded. Thank you again for another wonderful, wonderful customer experience.


If any of you globe personnel are reading this, feel free to send me a message. I will reiterate with you the details of my transaction.


As for the readers, if  you’re wondering how I managed to post this without internet, it’s all thanks to my mobile data plan. Thank goodness there’s 4G network in my place.



We called globe for the 6th time, talked to the 7th agent around 2:37PM. It was moved AGAIN due to potential network issues. OMG. Globe. Really?!?! Are you serious? We don’t care if you scheduled us to the technician that was on leave today! My mom talked to the agent and lost it. I mean come on, I talked to your supervisor and he made that schedule a priority. You should have done your due diligence and had someone fill up that spot! Besides, your tech guys are in the vicinity. ARE YOU DAMN SERIOUS?!?!?! Afterall, you did check the so-called cabinet and box assigned to our area YET AGAIN, hence, YOU ARE IN THE AREA.

They arrived 3:20PM. And this is all thanks to my mom. No thanks to the agent who tried to convince my sister to allow the move in schedule. The technicians were damn sorry about the delay – THEY SHOULD BE! WE ARE ANGRY CUSTOMERS WHO HAD POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A DEAD MODEM FOR WHAT – 5 days!?!?!?! Funny part is, they thought the other modem, the working one, was theirs – sorry, nope. The working modem is from your rival company that my brother uses for his work at home. My mom ushered them to the dead modem, from their company. As validated by them, and as we have repeatedly been saying for the last 6 calls with you, it is due for replacement. SEE, WHAT DID WE TELL YOU?!?! IT WAS NOT NETWORK ISSUE. IT’S A DEAD MODEM. END OF DISCUSSION.

AND FINALLY, after 5 days, 6 calls and 7 people we’ve talked to, 1 automated message, 2 good-for-nothing sms updates (posted above), our modem was replaced. Sure, we felt bad that we blew our heads off to the people on the ground (still people afterall, with feelings) due to some process and system inefficiency – though can you blame us? Your agents did a bad job handling our concern. Sure, your people – last agent and technician tried to humbly apologize, but you simply can’t erase the fact that GLOBE, YOU GOOFED UP BIG TIME WITH YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. REALLY BAD AFTER SALES SERVICE.


I think, with this, I can actually compare you with your rival, PLDT since we have been under their contract for home internet connection as well, for a year. Same price, same bundle. Prior that, we were under Smart and Skybroadband. Hmmm… This will be interesting post.


If you were in our shoes, what would you feel? Delighted? ROFL. Share your thoughts below.


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