Haru’s Thoughts: Rainy June 2018

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted. Like, a year, 3 months and 4 days ago to be exact. I had been quite busy with the past few months. A lot of changes, a lot of happenings and I had been to places since my last decent post. You can say, it has been very well.

Yet, I still find myself in the same place I was more than a year ago – having my car maintenance. Hehehe

I’m extremely bored waiting for them to finish with my car repairs.

NOTE TO READER: This is not a review post. If you’re looking for one, go look in the other categories or use the search bar.

I had been waiting here:

I had been playing around with the themes and checking out what’s the best for the website.

Actually, I had a lot of food and trip photos that I’ll post hopefully when I have the time.

For now, changes in aesthetics and collection of data. I’ll really do my best this time to get back on track this time around. I had gotten out of touch with these things due to the very supportive people around me </sarcasm>.

I’ll do my best this time around to keep up with the super super backlog of posts. I had been trying a lot of stuff and going to places.

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