Haru’s Thoughts: Chinese New year 2019

Happy Chinese New Year! No. I am not Chinese. Hold on. May be a tiny bit percent but.. So I missed the Jan 2019 post. I’m making up for it!

2017 Singapore Trip. Making up with a throwback photo?

It has been a while since I posted. My real work has been pretty time consuming and I had gone thru a lot since June till now. Some are good, some are bad. Some could just have been better.

First thing’s first, this new post formatting is a bit confusing. Where are the options?!?!

NOTE TO READER: This is not a review post. If you’re looking for one, go look in the other categories or use the search bar.

I know. Not another random thoughts post. Where’s the reviews?!?! I had building them up, ok?

Last half of 2018 was one of the most difficult time of my life (but not THE most difficult, that’s another story). Stressed and anxious over a lot of things. It came so bad that I was sent to the emergency room for bad health (extreme migraine, light/sound sensitive, vertigo, barely ate anything, vomiting), neck problems that cannot be healed. What was the findings on me? Over fatigue, lack of sleep, stress. Truth be told, I haven’t had decent long consecutive sleep for the past x years.

I underwent physical therapy for my neck, went back swimming, and all those to get better momentarily. But I feel lacking. Yes, I was lost. After meeting my 10 year plan for myself – what’s next?

Then my birthday came, I realized – what am I doing really? Do I want this? And there you have it. I’ll do what I want to do that makes me happy and fulfilled.

I think, this came into full circle with me when holidays came. What makes me happy anyway? And I saw one of my trip photos:

Dragon Dance in CNY 2017, Singapore. Because it is CNY today. 

I guess I missed a lot in life in the last decade. A whole lot of things had been tying me down. I need to live it up more. I only lived it up little on the last leg. I should spend time with people that mattered. Go home early. Explore new places, sites, culture. Try new things. Learn new things. Save more money. Invest. Go out with friends more. Meet new people. Do hobbies. Do what I really like and enjoy.

Bottom line Goal: Be Happy and Find Fulfillment.

Because, why can’t I? Why let others stop me?

I can’t promise anything such as posting more, but I will try my best. Because this is one of the things that I liked doing. PLUS! I spend already on my domain, might as well make the most out of it. And I need to figure out how these new settings work. I’ll relearn this.

With that mind and a concrete plan, I will move forward and claim this 2019 onwards.


What about you? What is

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