Haru’s Thoughts: Lab’i Experience

I was out today to do some adulting errands (car maintenance), so I was in Eastwood killing my time. I spent it as reading, eating (no dinner from last night, no breakfast and it was lunch), roaming around the mall and movies.

Will I was on my way to watch Alita, I came across this store:

Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio

Out of sheer curiosity, I came in and I was mind-blown! I met one of the owners herself!

It was actually surreal to talk to an owner of a store. She was this nice, beautiful, successful, strong, woman who was very passionate with how she does her work. I had talked with a handful of business owners (big and small), and they all shared this 1 trait: Passion.

I felt so bad for looking like some 20-something shopping – dressed down, 0 make-up, barely fixed hair and tired looking. I didn’t expect I’d met someone important. But she treated didn’t discriminate me. She showed me around the store, told me about how she came up with this idea. She engaged with a chat. I didn’t tell her I’m a blogger on hiatus. 😀

Apparently, she is also owns an adult shop in the country (5 stores), and she said, at her age, she wouldn’t have imagined opening another store concept! She really wanted to open another business, and lo- she opened a lipstick store wherein you can mix your own lipstick.

You can have a wide range of colors, even 2 colors on 1 stick, and types (creamy, matte, color-changing, with shapes, you name it!). Even the casing is awesome. She gave me a quick overview of how natural her ingredients are – showing me the window of the lab, showed me a view of the colors, and swatching some of the lipstick on me (cream red and sort of orange-nude). She even personally trains her staff. She even told me some permutations of the store name and sign and some of the interviews upcoming for her wonderful store.

The store is fairly new. They opened last weekend, but had a special preview on valentines day. This store concept is the FIRST in the country. It was inspired from those make your own make-up (you choose, but they make) in the us, but more natural ingredients. You have 2 options: 1 – you chose your shade and they make it for you OR you mix it your own (open for mistakes) for an hour. I’m not sure if they have the pick-up-and-go, but hey! I would definitely go back and bring my mom to try this with me. She would LOVE it. Expect a review when I get back!

What really caught my attention were how much she loved what she was doing, passionate and the positive vibe. In her words, “Who would have thought in my age, I will create another business! If you really asked for it, God will provide it to you in time.”

I was looking for answers to my questions, and as fate would have put it, you gave me the answer. Thank you so much! You lifted my spirit – I was so down and lost as of the late, but having this chat with you gave me a boost.

I would LOVE to try out one of your lipsticks I will definitely be back, with my mom to try out! I am very excited! I hope when I get back, I’d run into you again. I would love to ask you the color perfect for me and would want to hear more of your stories. I am truly sorry for not being able to try – I had a movie to catch and my car was about to be finished from its maintenance. But I will definitely be back to support your new business venture!

So for those in Manila who would want their very own color of lipstick, and willing to mix it themselves, do drop by the store:

Lab’i Lipstick Design Studio ®
💌 Unit B208 2nd Floor Citywalk 2, Eastwood
☎️ 02 234 5801
📱 63 917 880 5866

Follow their instagram: https://www.instagram.com/labiexperience/

And to the owner I met – thank you so much for your time, and that small chat. It gave me that push I need. You are one awesome lady! Hope to see you around!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I am posting this at my own free will because I believe on their product.

Drop a message here ~~~

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