Originally, this site was “Alleviate Boredom. Be Random.” The design used to be reviews of random stuff, I was sooo bored back x years! Since beauty was the prevailing topic but I’m planning to move to another , the site was reformatted to “Project Haru”. Ha!

I started out as an anime aficionado who loves to play online and console games. I am known to prefer watching horror and thriller movies, and love reading occult and strange unsolved mysteries. I do love to eat out (and willing to try new things!)  and an avid fan of milk tea and coffee shops. Quirky and novelty items attract my attention ever since, which in result made me the go to person when one needs ideas. I’m an engineer in profession (business analyst, but more on needs, process and technical systems), and grew up not caring what to wear and the like. Though, I still am.

Beauty was something I don’t really care much until I started to work. I get more air time in the internet, reading various articles. The topic of beauty seemed to hook me into it. So I thought, why not give it a shot?

And the rest is history.

The main inspiration to write a blog came from  Musing of the Muse , which I am a regular reader. Why not marry my fondness of writing to a blog on anything about beauty?

Oh, and I do write about other stuff. I am starting to write about food joints and places, and many more with my friends. And, we are creating fiction stories of our own. We surely hope it gets published!

Oh writing, why are you so addicting?

Got something that you might think I’d find interest in trying? Send me a message!