Maybelline: Dream Mousse Concealer in Ivory Review

One of the items I bought way back from this megatrade hall sale was this very popular concealer, who was discontinued months back.


Yes! This is Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Concealer.
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Product Haul: November 24, 2012

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been terribly busy lately, and I’m happy to say that we just reached a milestone at work! Finally!!!!!


Since I got this Saturday to myself, my mom and I went to this sort of warehouse sale and bought a handful of items for less. Thank you so much to my co-workers for sharing with me about it! Out of the entire sale, I only got 2 items for myself while the rest are for my family members. Aw, aren’t I such a sweet, sweet daughter/sister?


But what made my day was when I bought this really kawaii keychain from Saizen (Daiso, in Japan). And since this site is all about sharing adorable and lovely items, I simply cannot keep this to myself.

Aren’t they lovely?
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Maybelline: Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream Review

The Make-up world’s trend right now is on BB Creams, that originated in Asia. It’s such a hit that the Western side of the world caught on with the bug.

And since I was in a warehouse sale, how can I pass up this opportunity?

*Note: This post is more picture heavy than my regular posts.

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Fake Make-up?

When I was in the mall few hours ago, hovering around while waiting for my brother to arrive. There was this cosmetic sale within the mall’s function room. And of course, it attracted me. I went thru all stalls and I found a stall that sells Benefit. In fact, the only stall that sells Benefit. Note that this was a reseller. And yes, I bought something out of her stall. Who wouldn’t?
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Maybelline: Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm – Relieving Menthol Review

Since I do want a replacement for my Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm – Cool Mint, I decided to look into the same brand, and buy from there. I was actually in Watsons that time, and in quite a rush to get a new, colorless mint lip balm, so I picked this one.

I wonder, will this be as good as my previous lip balm?
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Maybelline: Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm – Cool Mint Review

Hi! How you’ve all been? It’s had been a long, busy weekend for me. I finally went to my eye doctor to check out if there’s something wrong with my eyes, and I’m happy to say none! Except my allergies, so I’d be laying off the eye make-up for a while. And I finally had my haircut, but quite unsure if it matches me. I tried out something new, and I ended up looking like like this minus the middle bangs. That’s Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach.

One of my most used lip balm would be Maybelline’s Lip Smooth Extra Care Lip Balm in Cool Mint. Funny thing about this is that this was an accidental find.

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