Haru’s Quarantine Skin Care

Haru's ECQ Skin Care

It’s day 63 of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in my country due to COVID-9. While the whole world waits for the vaccine, a grand majority of us is in our homes, trying our best not to overwhelm our health care system more. With this comes with work arrangements for us to be working from home. Being work from home has its perks:

  • Savings in time from my daily drive. Nope, didn’t miss the traffic – not even one bit. Imagine, 1.5-2hrs of rush hour traffic, one-way for 9-12 km! It’s insane.
  • I get to sleep longer since I don’t need to wake up so early – like 4:30AM early for work. My daily drive and prep adds to my sleep time which is awesome.
  • Savings from gas. I think I saved around $23.53 per week, or that’s been around $211.76 in total
  • I get to eat meals with my family. In fact, I also get to eat meals on-time regularly and healthy snacks.
  • I don’t have to think what to wear daily – except when I have video conferences.
  • With gaining time, I managed to clear out my closet, drawers, and room.
  • Also, I get to consistently do my skin care routine. I get to regularly do facial masks now!

Speaking of skin care, my holy grail quarantine skin care are:

Haru’s Quarantine Skin Care

Photo does not include yet the mask and facial cleansers, masks!If I will count the number of steps I have, in total, I have around 13 steps? But I don’t do all 13 everyday


North Haven Spa: Ginger Body Scrub Review


Ginger in my food. Ginger in my cup. Now, ginger as a scrub? Strange?

Some like it hot, some like cold. Some like it in a pot, 5 days old.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that nursery rhyme. I think it had something to do with the porridge. In any case, that poem was running in my head as I use this: Ginger Body Scrub from North Haven Spa in Baguio!


Jump to see the review to see why!

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North Haven Spa: Strawberry Jam Body Scrub Review

Hello! It’s been wild for the last few days. I did create a schedule of sorts for my day, unfortunately, it was never followed. Le sigh~


During one of my work-related trips, I landed in the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio! I REALLY WANTED TO GO THERE JUST BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER. I love the cold weather, the fog, the fact that I will wear a nice jacket, be cozy under the covers, and the picturesque sight of the mountains. So when I saw Baguio was in the list of places to be assigned to, and as destiny may have put it, placed me there, I was so happy! I will definitely not trade my cold and cozy spot there over a hot, humid, view of the sea. It’s been 3 years since I last went to Baguio. As I type this, I am dreaming to go back there.

Before going back to Manila, we passed by North Haven Spa quickly (15 minutes-quick), and I hauled the scrubs they have. Ha! I wished to extend my stay, but call of duty. I headed back to Manila with the team, as scheduled.


Among the 4 scrubs I bought, the first scrub I tried is one of their new ones – Strawberry Jam Scrub!


Yum! Strawberry yum! But is it as yummy on the skin as well?

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Skinfood: Milk Mania Cleansing Foam Review

Hi everyone! I missed you so much! April and May had been crazy! There was so much heat in my country that even if you sit still , you’d perspire! It’s the horribly high temp (35-27 degrees) plus 100% humidity. >.> The downside in living in a tropical country.


So it’s rather important that you should assess your make-up and skin care arsenal – to ensure they match your weather,wherever you may be right now. For hot and humid weather (like here!) it’s good that you keep light warpaint make-up on, and a nice cleanser and light moisturizer at night.


With this, I introduce to you one of my HG facial foams – Milk Mania Cleansing Foam from Skinfood!



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Haru’s Product Haul: February – March 2014 (The Body Shop, Tony Moly, Missha, Etude House, Skinfood, EOS, Stilla and Victoria’s Secret)

A gloomy summer day everyone! It’s been EXTREMELY HOT here on my side of the planet for the last few weeks. And today, as I came home from work, it’s very gloomy – for summer, at least. It’s been raining like cats and dogs on the other parts of the country. But here in one of the CBD’s, it’s been scorching. So it’s very nice to have a cloudy/gloomy morning, once in a while. I know a lot of yo would trade in your Gotham City for my city. Summer’s such a perfect beach weather, except that you’re not in the beach. Aww. 😦


And another way to brighten up one’s make-up fan day is with a haul!

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The Face Shop: Cherry Blossom Rinse Review

And since on my previous post, I reviewed the Cherry Blossom Shampoo, meet its partner – The Face Shop’s Cherry Blossom Rinse!


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The Face Shop: Cherry Blossom Shampoo Review

It’s been very dry and cold here lately. And it’s making my allergies way worse at night (itchy eyes!). I’ve also swatched a great product just over the weekend, but it’s not what I’m going to post now.


Part of my Korean product experience was to actually try out some of their shampoo.


Meet Korean shampoo number 3 – The Face Shop’s Cherry Blossom Shampoo!


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Too Cool For School: Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser Review

Because I came home late (12MN late) from another OTY, I feel like my head is in the clouds right now. I have a slight headache at the left side of my head, my allergies are driving me nuts, and I am sleepy. I just wish I could go home early and do more important stuff (say, catch up with LIFE perhaps?). Apparently, time spent on work is not directly proportional to sem rating.


Enough with the rant. On with the review! This will be my first Too Cool For School product review. Why did I buy this? Because the SA told me so! And I needed a nice facial cleanser that time, so why not give this a try?



Meet Too Cool For School’s Rules of Pore Morocco Ghassoul Foam Cleanser!


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Tony Moly: Herb Flavor Body Cream Review

Another workday morning. Sigh. But before I get my work morning started, I would like to share with you another product I tried.

I have dry skin all over except on my face. So I need extra moisture when it comes to body care. So when Tony Moly was on sale, I picked up Herb Flavor Body Cream, hoping it will provide enough moisture my skin needs.



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Haru’s Product Haul: December 30, 2013 (Skinfood)

We went to Marquee Mall in Angeles City yesterday to buy some stuff for family. Happy! I know Skinfood has a sale since they informed me via text message weeks back. All of their items in store are marked down. By how much? It depends per product.


And yet again, they have this promo that if you reach this value (P1,000 at least), you’d get freebies. Each amount has different offers. And since I am a member and their loyal customer, they gave me the privilege to choose the freebie. Ha!


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