Haru’s Product Haul: February – March 2014 (The Body Shop, Tony Moly, Missha, Etude House, Skinfood, EOS, Stilla and Victoria’s Secret)

A gloomy summer day everyone! It’s been EXTREMELY HOT here on my side of the planet for the last few weeks. And today, as I came home from work, it’s very gloomy – for summer, at least. It’s been raining like cats and dogs on the other parts of the country. But here in one of the CBD’s, it’s been scorching. So it’s very nice to have a cloudy/gloomy morning, once in a while. I know a lot of yo would trade in your Gotham City for my city. Summer’s such a perfect beach weather, except that you’re not in the beach. Aww. ūüė¶


And another way to brighten up one’s make-up fan day is with a haul!

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Tony Moly – Cat Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick in 01 Crazy Green, 02 Crazy Yellow, 03 Crazy Blue Review

Yes, you’ve read the title right. I did purchase all 3 colors of the Cat Chu Wink Crazy Tint Stick. Why? I just LOVE color-changing tints, they drive me crazy!


So without further ado, meet my liptints.

L-R: 03 Crazy Blue, 02 Crazy Yellow, 01 Crazy Green

WARNING! This is a picture-heavy post. This contains over roughly 20 photos.

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Tony Moly: Herb Flavor Body Cream Review

Another workday morning. Sigh. But before I get my work morning started, I would like to share with you another product I tried.

I have dry skin all over except on my face. So I need extra moisture when it comes to body care. So when Tony Moly was on sale, I picked up Herb Flavor Body Cream, hoping it will provide enough moisture my skin needs.



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Tony Moly: Goddess Style Berry Berry Lovely Stick in BELS02 Mandala Beige Review

Happy New Year guys! So back to work, you corporate slaves! *Evil laugh* Seriously, how were the holidays? I bet majority of you are too slumped to go back to work. I know the feeling. I didn’t get my break off the holidays except the days when it was declared as no work. And mind you, I had OT! I’m complaining because those days could have been put into good use by just staying home and spending time with my loved ones. I don’t get extra pay for OT, so that you know.


Months back, I had purchased this item just because it was sale. I know, I should have saved my money, but I couldn’t help it. I had to get this because it was packaged so darn good and it was on sale! ??????????????????????????????? Meet my Goddess Style Berry Berry Lovely Stick in BELS02 (Mandala Beige). Continue reading “Tony Moly: Goddess Style Berry Berry Lovely Stick in BELS02 Mandala Beige Review”

Haru‚Äôs Product Haul: August – November 2013 (Tony Moly, The Body Shop, Benefit and Shu Uemura)

Off blog, work has been strenuous. So strenuous that I don’t get a chance to post.


And I even didn’t get to celebrate my birthday that much. I didn’t even feel the Christmas cheer, except the sale, Christmas rush and the cold breeze. Sigh! I NEED a break.


And because of my stress, I have been taking advantage of the sales. Yehey Christmas Season!

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Tony Moly: Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser Review

A rainy evening to you! It’s been raining cats and dogs since the weekend, all thanks to the super typhoon. And because of that I had to go home early from work ¬†– I might not be able to come home if it were later since I live in a valley. But I was able to, good thing! I had one path left and it was like my lifeline to get home.

So how about you? How have you been?


And since I just finished my requirements document for a web development, I am free to make a post! Yup, work from home. At night. Gotta love my working vibes now. Rested and energized.


I think I was able to build up so much background on this product I’m going to review. It’s the Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser from Tony Moly.


And I got this for free from a product haul. Eww. Snail slime on your face!?!?!?! I know, I had that thoughts too. Apprently, skin care with snail slime had been a hit in South Korea.

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Tony Moly: Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub Review

One of the most interesting products of Tony Moly that I kept on touching while I was in their store was the Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub. Why? See for yourself.



Isn’t it such a curious little thing?

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Tony Moly: Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid Review


Because of my slippers weekend habit, and slippers all day in Boracay, my feet became dry and rough. It also gave me cracked heels. I thought of scrubbing it, but scrubbing just make it hurt. So the thought of using peeling liquid crossed my mind. Then again, anything peeling-related scares me. I have skin allergies and was diagnosed with skin asthma when I was a child. Now, it occurs only on specific occasions but not as horrible as when I was younger.


My mom actually was the one who introduced the concept of peeling liquid. And as of this writing, she had tried it twice. She saw it in some show few months back, and inquired to me about it. So I got her the one (from Tony Moly also), with the disclaimer,¬†“I haven’t tried it myself so I’m not entirely sure if this brand is effective or what.”¬†I guess she was happy with the results that’s why she asked me to buy her another set. And that’s when I had the courage to buy one for myself.


Will this work? I’m pretty anxious to find out.

***WARNING: This is going to be a long post/review. Brace yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh, and from the disgusting peeling foot photo.

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Product haul: January 24, 2013 (Tony Moly and Etude House)

If there’s another thing my pocket hates aside from color-changing cosmetics, sales, reach this amount and you’ll get¬†stuff¬†for free, and limited edition, it’s the “last one in stock, and we don’t know when we’ll restock” item. And that is the whole reason my haul last week inflated to this one.


Aside from the fact that I’m stressed and all.




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Tony Moly: Perfect Micro Scrub Foam Review

Hi everyone! Sorry for being out for so long. Work has been its unusual hectic self so I barely had the time to post something. It’s been all about OTYs and my boss being all weird, so we had no choice but to stand up for ourselves. It was so busy that sleep had been subsidized. But hey, it’s again the calm before the storm, so better make the most of out it.


This review is a long delayed one. It should have followed right after the Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser Review, but hey, my current job pays my bills so it triumphed over my hobby.



I was on a scout for a good facial scrub that will match my skin. And before,¬†Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub was too darn expensive for a trial in Tony Moly’s skin care line. So the SA gave me this since it was the next scrub available. And it was¬†positioned¬†beside the Floria Foam Cleanser. Why not take it? Afterall, this is just an experiment… On my face.


Please be nice to me!

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