Haru’s Thoughts: 2 Months Break from Blogging (What happened?!?!)




Hi! I know I’ve been absent for like, 2 months, and it’s becoming a habit again. As I was walking towards my office, I was taking my time walking and enjoying the cold breeze and the sunrise. It was still sooo early, giving me enough time to take it easy and spend “me” time. I haven’t been doing this much lately. And since I’m still early for work, I had time to post! YAY!!!!!



But before any more details on what I had been doing lately, let us greet my blog a belated Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th Anniv


Wow! It’s been 4 years!!!!

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: Today is My Blog’s 3rd Anniversary!

I was browsing over my stats today, and look what I came across:

3 years of blogging

WordPress greeted me Happy Anniversary!

Time flies so fast. So it has been 3 years already. Wow, I’ve never thought I’d last this long. I’ve been out for such long periods, but I do try my best to maintain this. This had been my own personal space (aside from my other anonymous blogs), and where I speak out my unspoken thoughts. In the outside world, oral communication had always been my waterloo. But I get my point across on written communication.

Thanks for those who’ve been visiting. When I see my stats, likes and comments, it just inspires me to do more. And to continue blogging. I don’t openly broadcast my blog in my personal social networking accounts. I keep accounts exclusive for this blog profile, mind you. I want that those who read my blog shouldn’t be because I told them to do so, but rather, they want to really read or came across this themselves. And so far, it’s been great and very fulfilling.

I just hope time will be a lot more accommodating.


And because of this, I have big plans for this blog. I think it’s almost time that I do a makeover and expand to new topics. I really don’t mind spending a little for my blog (as you can see from my hauls). As long as I get satisfied readers. 🙂


Plus, I am very happy that I chose WordPress as my new home. I’ve been to Tabulas, Blogger/Blogspot (and back), Xanga and Blogdrive. But WordPress really seals the deal. I do have a Deviantart account, but that’s a different story all together.




Thank you so much for being my motivation and inspiration. 🙂 Looking forward to more years ahead with you.