Beauty Credit: Lovely Powder Pact Matt in #23 Natural Beige Review

When I was back in Subic, I was able to drop by this Beauty Credit store (perhaps the only accredited Beauty Credit reseller here in my country). One of the items I picked is this really, really cute pact.



Meet my Lovely Powder Pact Matt in #23 Natural Beige.

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Beauty Credit: Lovely Cheek Color in PK01 Vanilla Pink Review

Sorry for slacking out with my posts again. Last week was insanely busy. I’m just glad I was able to get the weekend + Friday off. Last Friday was a local holiday and even if my project mates went to work, I didn’t have too since I was mostly finished. I needed to re-validate because of the recent virus attack we had in the lab. Stupid IT for not detecting it early on. It came from them!

Since I had my morning Starbucks drink to escape my new boss from her normal early morning updates which I feel so unfortunate that she does this to me since my teammates are late and I’m early to get my morning starting, I feel so powered up to do a post. Yes, a long delayed post.


When I go to Subic, I’d normally drop by the Beauty Credit shop over there. The shop looks shady and unappealing, but I don’t mind since, hey, good, cheap Korean make-up. Hehehe. Unfortunately, when I go there armed with money, they tend to be out of stock of the items I want. But when I go there with not so much money, well, they tend to have stocks! Such fate. (For those who are wondering if they accept credit cards, I’m not sure that’s why I pay in cash)

And this was one of the moments that they don’t have stocks, and I have money. I bought the Lovely Cheek Color in PK01 Vanilla Pink because I didn’t want to go home empty-handed.


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Make-Up Haul: August 2012 – Mid-September 2012

I am going to be busy soon. My new boss just talked to me so it kinda ate up my time for today’s blog.

I’d like to share with you my recent hauls. So this is some stuff you’d be expecting that will pop-up soon, after I’ve finished my backlogs. I won’t be posting prices, by the way. I’ll show them once I get to review them. I don’t have a consolidated photo of them since I was in a hurry to take photos. I’m hiding this stash from the authorities (a.k.a. parents).

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