North Haven Spa: Ginger Body Scrub Review


Ginger in my food. Ginger in my cup. Now, ginger as a scrub? Strange?

Some like it hot, some like cold. Some like it in a pot, 5 days old.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that nursery rhyme. I think it had something to do with the porridge. In any case, that poem was running in my head as I use this: Ginger Body Scrub from North Haven Spa in Baguio!


Jump to see the review to see why!

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North Haven Spa: Strawberry Jam Body Scrub Review

Hello! It’s been wild for the last few days. I did create a schedule of sorts for my day, unfortunately, it was never followed. Le sigh~


During one of my work-related trips, I landed in the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio! I REALLY WANTED TO GO THERE JUST BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER. I love the cold weather, the fog, the fact that I will wear a nice jacket, be cozy under the covers, and the picturesque sight of the mountains. So when I saw Baguio was in the list of places to be assigned to, and as destiny may have put it, placed me there, I was so happy! I will definitely not trade my cold and cozy spot there over a hot, humid, view of the sea. It’s been 3 years since I last went to Baguio. As I type this, I am dreaming to go back there.

Before going back to Manila, we passed by North Haven Spa quickly (15 minutes-quick), and I hauled the scrubs they have. Ha! I wished to extend my stay, but call of duty. I headed back to Manila with the team, as scheduled.


Among the 4 scrubs I bought, the first scrub I tried is one of their new ones – Strawberry Jam Scrub!


Yum! Strawberry yum! But is it as yummy on the skin as well?

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Haru’s Product Haul: February – March 2014 (The Body Shop, Tony Moly, Missha, Etude House, Skinfood, EOS, Stilla and Victoria’s Secret)

A gloomy summer day everyone! It’s been EXTREMELY HOT here on my side of the planet for the last few weeks. And today, as I came home from work, it’s very gloomy – for summer, at least. It’s been raining like cats and dogs on the other parts of the country. But here in one of the CBD’s, it’s been scorching. So it’s very nice to have a cloudy/gloomy morning, once in a while. I know a lot of yo would trade in your Gotham City for my city. Summer’s such a perfect beach weather, except that you’re not in the beach. Aww. 😦


And another way to brighten up one’s make-up fan day is with a haul!

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Tony Moly: Herb Flavor Body Cream Review

Another workday morning. Sigh. But before I get my work morning started, I would like to share with you another product I tried.

I have dry skin all over except on my face. So I need extra moisture when it comes to body care. So when Tony Moly was on sale, I picked up Herb Flavor Body Cream, hoping it will provide enough moisture my skin needs.



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Haru’s Product Haul: December 30, 2013 (Skinfood)

We went to Marquee Mall in Angeles City yesterday to buy some stuff for family. Happy! I know Skinfood has a sale since they informed me via text message weeks back. All of their items in store are marked down. By how much? It depends per product.


And yet again, they have this promo that if you reach this value (P1,000 at least), you’d get freebies. Each amount has different offers. And since I am a member and their loyal customer, they gave me the privilege to choose the freebie. Ha!


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Product Haul: February – March 5, 2013 (Missha, Nature Republic, Etude House and Skinfood)

I know I haven’t been posting lately – work, personal life, and health issues. Been sick for the past few days, and such a horrible timing too!

Since I’m sick, I don’t normally try new items. Most of my skin care is currently at HG items (except for facial wash, hehe!). Likewise to some make-up.


However, what I was busy to for the past few days was hauling items. Yes, hauling. And almost every week, I would get something off the store.


See what are my recent hauls!

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Sunplay: Super Block SPF 130 PA +++ Review

How are you everyone? I know, I know I haven’t been posting much reviews lately. My paying job is requiring more from me. But I’ve been trying a lot of stuff that will interest you behind the scenes. All good!


Since it’s still cold in the northern hemisphere, I bet most of you are thinking of your summer getaway – beaches, sun and tan. Add coconut trees in the background too. But before you hit the beach, ensure that your skin is protected.


And this is what I brought with me when I went to the beach last December. Look at that SPF and PA value!

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Product haul: January 24, 2013 (Tony Moly and Etude House)

If there’s another thing my pocket hates aside from color-changing cosmetics, sales, reach this amount and you’ll get stuff for free, and limited edition, it’s the “last one in stock, and we don’t know when we’ll restock” item. And that is the whole reason my haul last week inflated to this one.


Aside from the fact that I’m stressed and all.




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The Body Shop: Olive Oil – Dry Oil Mist Review

If my face is combi (oily/normal or normal/dry), the rest of my skin would be dry to extremely dry. In fact, it’s so dry that you can write your name on it. So moisturizing is very important. But as I had told you previously, I am very lazy when it comes to moisturizing most of the time.


One of the products I used since way back was The Body Shop’s Olive Oil – Dry Oil Mist. And this is all thanks to my mom.


So when the store had a sale, I just had to grab this. Hello, 40% off!

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The Face Shop: Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream SPF 35 PA++ Review

So you thought I’d end the week without a post. You’re wrong.


One thing about holidays is that my projects seem to kill me when holidays are about to come, so I’d be too busy doing work. Too busy not to buy or do something holiday-related. Yes, I am part of the group who did a mad Christmas rush in bazaars and malls just because I haven’t got anyone anything 2 weeks before Christmas.


Enough with the holiday talk, let’s get to the review!


One of the things I brought with me on my 4-day birthday vacation was 3 items that protect me from the sun. One of them was The Face Shop’s Clean Face Oil Free Sun Cream.


Does this look familiar to you? This seems closely resembles their discontinued Quick & Clean Oil Free Sun Cream. They even carry the same SPF and PA category.


Will this be a good replacement to its elder sister?

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