Haru’s Thoughts: Motolite’s Express Hatid Experience

So I have been in a hiatus for 2 months after purchase of my domain, and then I blog about car batteries!?!?!

You see, I’m having car issues for 1-2 years already. I guess my good o’l car is, for lack of a creative description, old. Oh but we did have good days. Anyway, this morning, I tried starting my car, and it won’t budge! Luckily, my folks won’t be using their car today so I get to borrow it. Benefits of staying at your folk’s home. However, they will be using that car tomorrow.  The other car, well, it’s manual transmission – which would take me A WHOLE LOT OF TIME to understand that thing! I have 9 hrs to re-learn, assuming I won’t be sleeping. Therefore, I HAD to get mine fixed when I arrive home, after work and some chores. With that, I get to try out, not because I want to, rather, I HAD TO, the 24-hr service anywhere of Motolite, which they call EXPRESS HATID. Reader, hold your horses before you order. This is only applicable to Manila and Key Cities.


Sometimes, I think that my car is alive and knows exactly when to act up. But hey, a little rain in your parade is bound to teach you a thing or two in the real world. 😉


Click below for more details on my Motolite Express Hatid experience!

NOTE TO READER: This is text-heavy since I didn’t take ANY PHOTOS. They had fixed it at 9:50PM, against the garage light, all thanks to the hood of my car.

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Haru’s Thoughts: New Domain! New Layout!

Haru’s Thoughts: New Domain! New Layout!

Happy New Year! I know I’m late again. I’ve been crazily preoccupied these days so I try to be as free as possible so I could play Guild Wars write. Hehehe. I have so much stuff in my mind that is non-work related.


Take it as me being FREE! Yeah, there had been changes now which I am somewhat grateful for. But before life in general, I did accomplish (though 13 days late) to get myself a domain! Yahoo!


Why change a domain? Because…..

NOTE TO READER: If you’re after some reviews, please refer to the previous or next post. This is just me sharing life. Oh and this will be text heavy.

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Haru’s Thoughts: Blogapalooza 2014 Invite

Haru’s Thoughts: Blogapalooza 2014 Invite

Good morning guys! This weekend is Blogapalooza weekend!


Oh yes I’m coming, with my friend over at All Things Random and Quirky’s flyonthewall. Over 700+ bloggers have confirmed.


It’s a good thing the event got postponed initially so I was able to manage to convince myself to come.



See you there perhaps? I might not cover the event after since I guess 700+ other bloggers will be covering it anyway? Hahahaha!


For more info, go to: Blogapalooza.wheninmanila.com



Haru’s Thoughts: 2 Months Break from Blogging (What happened?!?!)

Haru’s Thoughts: 2 Months Break from Blogging (What happened?!?!)




Hi! I know I’ve been absent for like, 2 months, and it’s becoming a habit again. As I was walking towards my office, I was taking my time walking and enjoying the cold breeze and the sunrise. It was still sooo early, giving me enough time to take it easy and spend “me” time. I haven’t been doing this much lately. And since I’m still early for work, I had time to post! YAY!!!!!



But before any more details on what I had been doing lately, let us greet my blog a belated Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th Anniv


Wow! It’s been 4 years!!!!

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: Why reviews take so long to be posted?

I know I have been slacking off for say, since March with my posts. Woah. It’s been more than 5 months already!


And as one of the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. But what if there’s a will but there’s not much of a way? It’s really due to time constraints. Not that reason again. This post shall put light on the backend of me making reviews.


This is not related to anything. So if you’re looking for a review/product update/blog update of sorts, move on to the previous or next post. Purely me thinking ahead!

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: iPhone 5 + Alcohol = ? (Part 2-Fixed!)

Lifting off from Part 1.


So I didn’t wait for my iPhone + uncooked rice till Thursday. I read somewhere that it should be fixed by a pro ASAP!  (Plus I turned it on and saw watermarks in my LCD plus these 4 thick yellow vertical lines on screen!!!! It gets worse the longer it is open! NOOOOOO!!!!!)

Do not eat/cook the rice. My iPhone is inside! (Lifted from Google)

So I searched the web for someone who can fix my iPhone nearby the office. I can’t wait for the weekend since I am fully-booked with appointments, and would need my phone by then. Moreover, it’s as if I’m getting more sick when I see my iPhone still stuck in a lock-and-lock with rice. Oh my poor,poor iPhone.


Then, I came across Burn and Jhoy over at Philmug.

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: iPhone 5 + Alcohol = ? (Part 1-Broken!)

Yes, you’ve read it right. My misadventure with my iPhone began 7 hours ago.

alochol iphone5

Pictures are searched from Google. These aren’t mine. 

And no, I wasn’t after for a clean iPhone 5.

How and where did it happen? Jump right in to find out!

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: Today is My Blog’s 3rd Anniversary!

I was browsing over my stats today, and look what I came across:

3 years of blogging

WordPress greeted me Happy Anniversary!

Time flies so fast. So it has been 3 years already. Wow, I’ve never thought I’d last this long. I’ve been out for such long periods, but I do try my best to maintain this. This had been my own personal space (aside from my other anonymous blogs), and where I speak out my unspoken thoughts. In the outside world, oral communication had always been my waterloo. But I get my point across on written communication.

Thanks for those who’ve been visiting. When I see my stats, likes and comments, it just inspires me to do more. And to continue blogging. I don’t openly broadcast my blog in my personal social networking accounts. I keep accounts exclusive for this blog profile, mind you. I want that those who read my blog shouldn’t be because I told them to do so, but rather, they want to really read or came across this themselves. And so far, it’s been great and very fulfilling.

I just hope time will be a lot more accommodating.


And because of this, I have big plans for this blog. I think it’s almost time that I do a makeover and expand to new topics. I really don’t mind spending a little for my blog (as you can see from my hauls). As long as I get satisfied readers. 🙂


Plus, I am very happy that I chose WordPress as my new home. I’ve been to Tabulas, Blogger/Blogspot (and back), Xanga and Blogdrive. But WordPress really seals the deal. I do have a Deviantart account, but that’s a different story all together.




Thank you so much for being my motivation and inspiration. 🙂 Looking forward to more years ahead with you.

Random Thoughts: And because I want to share to you the beautiful Boracay

Just because I want to share to you the beautiful white sand beach of Boracay. This is were I went to with my family last Dec. 7-10.


I finally got my white dress and hat on the beach during a sunset photo! 



*This is a non-review post. Just pictures. Hope you like it!

**We’re not photographers, so photos are definitely not photographer-grade. 

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: Guild Wars 2, Please unsuspend my account

Lately, aside from being busy with work and all, I haven’t got the mood to write anything. I’m just forcing myself to do so.


And this is because of my suspended account in Guild Wars 2. >.>

Oh Guild Wars 2. I really want to play!

For those who don’t know it yet, I am a gamer. :))


*Warning: This is going to be a non-review, super random and rant post. So if you’re not interested, move on to the next or previous post.

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