Skinfood: Fruits Brunch Lip Box – #3 Cafe Cinnamon Review

I love Cinnamon. And Coffee. And nude to brown colored lippies. So should Fruits Brunch Lip Box in #3 Cafe Cinnamon be lovely as swell given that it combines all 3 into 1? Would it have a coffee and cinnamon scent? Would it?


I have previously reviewed the #2 Tomato from the same line, so now I finally had the chance to review the  #3 Cafe Cinnamon!


Another item from my make-up box storage.

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Etude House: Aloha Two Two Kiss in #1 Hawaii Ray Pink and #3 Tropical Lime Red Review

Happy Monday everyone! I finally got both of my weekends for myself and not for work. Yipee! Bad part is I got sick. It started to be a sore throat last Friday night, and now it’s grown to be a cough. Great. And should the extreme overtime continue, I might have to avail a sick leave by the end of the week. On the bright side, I finally get to use my mascara from Majolica Majorca and my blush and eyeshadow from Beauty Credit. You should see them soon, still need to further use them to produce good reviews. 🙂


Since I want to create a cheerful atmosphere despite my current state, I shall be posting about Etude House’s Aloha Two Two Kiss. Now doesn’t that sound so vacation-like?

No real motive why I bought them other than they look so darn good and unique. And it’s rare to find a yellow and blue gloss. These two had been sticking around my make-up bag for the longest time.

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The Body Shop: Cranberry Shimmer Lip Balm Review

This is a very, very old The Body Shop product. This is one of my backlogs, 2 years ago.


Back in college, I needed an everyday lip balm. That smelled (and tasted) good. That can add a little color. That’s just it. It doesn’t have to be complicated, like the ones I have now. I was influenced by a friend of mine with her Strawberry flavored lip balm, that she’s almost finished. She let me try out her lip balm and I liked it.

(Photo op came in late, so the label’s in a pretty bad condition)

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Daiso/Saizen: Strap Minigloss – Rose

I just LOVE going to Saizen. Saizen (Daiso in Japan) is this huge mini-mart/convenience store that has all items cost at P85 (roughly $2.04). Think of it as a dollar store in the US. A lot of nifty stuff are sold in there that ranges from school supplies, toys and party favors, house decors and fixes, kitchen-related stuff (sometimes pans too!), food, accessories, and the like. It’s very interesting to go there since you really don’t know what to expect, and knowing Japanese, they are very creative and innovative.


But I won’t be talking about the store today, but my cosmetic find there. Yes, they sell skin care and cosmetics too.

 Isn’t it darn cute?

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Avon: Slick Tint for Lips – Glossy Opal Review

When my mom went to the US for vacation, she bought a couple of Slick Tints from Avon. One was for me (Glossy Opal) and the other was for her (something red and sparkly).

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The Body Shop: Hi-Shine Lip Treatment – Shade 23 Beige Sparkle Review

Since I’ll be out 2 days next week, (Monday and Tuesday) due to country’s holidays, I plan to make up for it. Plus, I’m not doing much today too.


I mentioned in the last post that I had gift certificates from The Body Shop. Hi-Shine Lip Treatment – Shade 23 Beige Sparkle was the second item I bought using the gift certificate.

I didn’t have any particular interest in this product. It was just on sale, and I wanted a shimmery lip gloss. This was the last of its kind that store.

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Skinfood: Fruits Brunch Lip Box – #2 Tomato Review

Skinfood’s Fruits Brunch Lip Box #2 Tomato is the only make-up that was given to me as a gift (as of this date). Funny thing about this was I was eyeing on purchasing this one but I didn’t do so since I had too many lip colors waiting to be used. And if my mom sees me bringing this home, she’ll  scold me. Hehehe.

It’s also a good thing that I didn’t buy this. They’d have a tough time thinking of what to buy for me. It was the last piece on sale.

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