The Face Shop: Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink Review

There was a phase in my make-up life that I simply loved milky tints. I loved them so much that I bought colors from various brands such as Peripera, Etude House and The Face Shop. It didn’t matter if I had duplicate colors across the brands (example: peach from Peripera, The Face Shop and Etude House). I absolutely love them.


Since I’ve reviewed on my Peripera Milky Tint, let’s move to The Face Shop.Do note that this is one of the 2 colors I bought from them. Meet The Face Shop’s Lovely ME:EX Milky Tint in 01 Baby Pink.


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Peripera: Peri’s Tint Milk in #02 Milky Peach Review

I have this Milky Tint craze going on. I get my hands on milk tints whenever I can. I’ve been controlling myself from hauling Tony Moly’s while  I haven’t used the ones from The Face Shop and Etude House.

But when I saw Peripera’s Peri’s Tint Milk go on sale from a reseller, I just had to get it.

And it arrived in my house 2 days after.

They say this is one of the items that made Peripera famous even if it’s a new company. I wonder if it’s true.

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