Nature Republic: Photoshot 3D Concealer in #23 Natural Beige Review


Good Day to my readers! I’m rather pre-occupied right now, but I feel I need to find my a quiet space despite where I am. So here I am, creating a post. 🙂


One of my Nature Republic hauls, I bought Photoshot 3D Concealer in #23 Natural Beige. Why? I was all in a rage before in concealers, all thanks to my panda-like eyes. I  consider my panda eyes as my gaming battle scars and from allergies.


Will this hide my gaming battle scars?

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Nature Republic: Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in #03 Pink Rose Review

Hello again! It’s been ages since I last posted, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been trying stuff. I may have not been hauling make-up for this year, but my focus was on food! And because of that, I did gain some weight. 😦 But my post today isn’t about food. Still about make-up!


One of my hauls in Nature Republic was the Shine Blossom Rose Blusher. I picked the #03 Pink Rose just because the SA said it was the best seller among the blushers.???????????????????????????????

Read below to know more about it!

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Nature Republic: Professional PRO Keratin Moisture Rinse Review

Since I bought the shampoo, of course I also got the conditioner! I was hoping to get the maximum effect upon using the 2 of them together.




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Nature Republic: Professional PRO Keratin Moisture Shampoo Review

I reached into a point when I started to have a hair care craze. And this is part of my hair care craze purchase – Nature Republic’s Professional PRO Keratin Moisture Shampoo!


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Product Haul: March – June 2013 (Etude House, Missha, Nature Republic, The Body Shop and Benefit)

I know, I know. I’ve been so absent lately. So long hiatus in posting here! It’s not that I’m lazy. I’m so swamped with work for since April til June, with my long-awaited promotion is in jeopardy. It’s a make-or-break, so I had to allocate time.



But since I’m in somewhat calm waters right now (or burned out to do anything), I’ve decided to finally post. When I wasn’t posting, it doesn’t mean I’m not trying out stuff. I did try a lot of stuff (which adds more backlog than I already have). And I hauled. A LOT. Last haul I posted was last January, which makes such a good time to show my hauls since March til June.

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Nature Republic: Fresh Farm Apple Foam Cleanser Review

Hi everyone. I know I’ve been very quiet in my blog lately. So sorry bout that. Been busy with work and Guild Wars 2 so much that I barely had time for writing a review. But I assure you I’ve been trying a lot of stuff lately. Plus a handful of backlogs of products!


I decided to post this today, because I recently had a mini-heart attack. I know I took photos of this post’s product review, but I can’t find it! I thought I accidentally deleted it. My recent most catalogue of product swatches are in my work computer, but the newer shots are in my house laptop. I tend to overwrite my house laptop after I update my work computer. But in this case, I seemed to have overwritten it. Luckily, I had a back-up. Phew! This has been a long introduction, so on with the review!



On my first haul in Nature Republic, when the store was only days old in Megamall, I was able to accumulate enough to earn myself their membership card. With this came a wonderful freebie!


Do all good things come in as freebies?

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Product Haul: February – March 5, 2013 (Missha, Nature Republic, Etude House and Skinfood)

I know I haven’t been posting lately – work, personal life, and health issues. Been sick for the past few days, and such a horrible timing too!

Since I’m sick, I don’t normally try new items. Most of my skin care is currently at HG items (except for facial wash, hehe!). Likewise to some make-up.


However, what I was busy to for the past few days was hauling items. Yes, hauling. And almost every week, I would get something off the store.


See what are my recent hauls!

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Nature Republic: Blemish Lab Clear Spot Solution Review

Sorry for being absent lately! Work’s been crazy. A lot has happened, and I’d do my best to make it up to you by posting 2 unique products. Well, at least for my blog that is.


Lately, acne had been a terrible problem for me. So terrible that I had to try new items so as I can prevent them from growing. It’s been stressful for the last few months and in it will again still be in the coming months.

I got this from my first Nature Republic haul. And I have to be honest with you on the fact that I have no background research when I bought this.


Will it help alleviate my acne woes?

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Product Haul: January 17, 2013 (Nature Republic)

During my stressful moments last week, I purchased quite a number of items – both makeup and non-makeup related. I wasn’t suppose to pass by nature Republic, but I just had this feeling I should.


And it turned out they have a 50% off sale on selected items. As usual, I can’t resist!


Luckily, only a few items were left. Good thing for my pocket. Check out my modest haul after the jump.

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Product Haul: December 6, 2012 (Nature Republic)

Just came back from my beach vacation weekend. While most of the Northern Hemisphere are freezing their butts off, I went to the beach! Hahaha!

IMG_0173 v2 - Crop

Lovely, lovely late afternoon sun on a white sand beach. 😀 It’s my first time to go to Boracay! I know, I know. I’ve been to a few countries but I haven’t gone around in my own. XD

So I did mention in my last post that Nature Republic is open. And yes, the night before my vacation, I did haul a few items from them.


Read more to see what’s in my bag!

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