Skinfood: Soothing Pear Body Gel Review

One of the oldest purchases my mom and I had in Skinfood was the Soothing Pear Body Gel, just because it was on sale.

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Make-Up Haul: August 2012 – Mid-September 2012

I am going to be busy soon. My new boss just talked to me so it kinda ate up my time for today’s blog.

I’d like to share with you my recent hauls. So this is some stuff you’d be expecting that will pop-up soon, after I’ve finished my backlogs. I won’t be posting prices, by the way. I’ll show them once I get to review them. I don’t have a consolidated photo of them since I was in a hurry to take photos. I’m hiding this stash from the authorities (a.k.a. parents).

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