Globe Broadband Internet: Customer Service Review

Normally, I give praises to good food, good restaurant, good make-up, good skin care and good customer service.

This time around, what I received was the worst-of-the-worst customer service I ever experienced so far. I pass the award to: Globe . I hyperlinked it so you can see what I’m talking about. I know it’s too early to crown that, it’s just March!

Exactly how long were we subscribed to Globe Broadband Internet? Probably around 3 years. 

Jump below to see the details.

NOTE TO READER: If you’re looking for a product or food place review, please refer to the other sites. This is a review of a local telco’s customer service and my experience with them.

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: iPhone 5 + Alcohol = ? (Part 2-Fixed!)

Lifting off from Part 1.


So I didn’t wait for my iPhone + uncooked rice till Thursday. I read somewhere that it should be fixed by a pro ASAP!  (Plus I turned it on and saw watermarks in my LCD plus these 4 thick yellow vertical lines on screen!!!! It gets worse the longer it is open! NOOOOOO!!!!!)

Do not eat/cook the rice. My iPhone is inside! (Lifted from Google)

So I searched the web for someone who can fix my iPhone nearby the office. I can’t wait for the weekend since I am fully-booked with appointments, and would need my phone by then. Moreover, it’s as if I’m getting more sick when I see my iPhone still stuck in a lock-and-lock with rice. Oh my poor,poor iPhone.


Then, I came across Burn and Jhoy over at Philmug.

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: iPhone 5 + Alcohol = ? (Part 1-Broken!)

Yes, you’ve read it right. My misadventure with my iPhone began 7 hours ago.

alochol iphone5

Pictures are searched from Google. These aren’t mine. 

And no, I wasn’t after for a clean iPhone 5.

How and where did it happen? Jump right in to find out!

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Haru’s Random Thoughts: Guild Wars 2, Please unsuspend my account

Lately, aside from being busy with work and all, I haven’t got the mood to write anything. I’m just forcing myself to do so.


And this is because of my suspended account in Guild Wars 2. >.>

Oh Guild Wars 2. I really want to play!

For those who don’t know it yet, I am a gamer. :))


*Warning: This is going to be a non-review, super random and rant post. So if you’re not interested, move on to the next or previous post.

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